Six Shades of Lingerie to Welcome the New Year

Posted by Spicy Lingerie on Jun 1st 2022

Six Shades of Lingerie to Welcome the New Year

If you're looking for good luck and romance in 2018, what you wear under your New Year's Eve outfit is just as important. Discover the meanings behind popular lingerie colors and get ready for the countdown to a prosperous and sexy new year!


  • Meaning: Passion, radiance, and love
  • Purpose: Sets the mood for romance
  • Fun fact: A New Year's tradition for Italian women is to wear red lingerie for good luck.


  • Meaning: optimism, joy, and cheerfulness
  • Purpose: Brings wealth and success
  • Historical tidbit: After the War of Dynasties in 1357, Japanese warriors wore yellow chrysanthemums as a pledge of courage.


  • Meaning: Peace, innocence, clarity
  • Purpose: Encourages a sense of calm and promotes a pure heart


  • Meaning: Royalty, confidence, and inspiration
  • Purpose: Enhances trustworthiness and boosts overall well-being


  • Meaning: Prosperity, new beginnings, nature
  • Purpose: Brings good luck and abundance into your life
  • Fun fact: In the 19th century, Mexico chose green for its flag to represent independence after gaining its freedom from Spain.


  • Meaning: love and harmony
  • Purpose: Attracts romance into your life and brings balance into relationships

Make it your New Year's resolution to be more colorful in 2018 and ring in the New Year with romance and prosperity.