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Sexy Pasties are perfect for outfits that don't cover. Nippy problems? We've got the solution with our never boring selection of Pasties! Leopard, rainbow or stars, we've got it all!

Nipple Pasties

An must-have accessory for the ultimate striptease, nipple pasties put the finishing touches on a sexy fantasy outfit. At Spicy Lingerie, we feature an extensive selection of boob pasties, which makes it easy to accessorize your lingerie with coordinating styles and colors. Choose from a range of different shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics, and so much more at Spicy Lingerie, the top destination for fantasy lingerie and accessories like nipple pasties.

Nipple Pasties for Every Lingerie Style

For a vampy look, add another layer of sexiness with nipple pasties in all black. Choose from crisscrosses and heart shapes to stars and much more. If you’re in a frisky mood, we also feature edgy and provocative breast pasties in faux leather. With a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from, Spicy Lingerie makes it simple to coordinate nipple pasties with any style lingerie outfit.

For a sexy sense of movement, tassel pasties are another option. When you wear tassel pasties, it adds another thrilling visual element to your seductive striptease, especially when you move your body. All eyes will be on you when you strut into the room with tassel pasties, the ultimate accessory for sex appeal. The best way to wear tassel pasties is by wearing them as a stand-alone statement piece and paired with skimpy bottoms such as a lace thong bikini or a super-short garter skirt and stockings.  

How to Wear Nipple Pasties

Boob pasties are easy to wear. Simply apply them to your nipples and they will fit securely with reusable self-adhesive. For even more of a secure fit, you can also add additional fabric adhesive, which is widely available.

How to Care for Nipple Pasties

Keep your boob pasties in a small handbag or clutch, which will keep them looking shiny and new season after season. Boob pasties should be washed separately from the rest of your laundry. In fact, in many cases, spot cleaning should be sufficient for keeping your boob pasties in top form.

How to Incorporate Nipple Pasties into Your Striptease

One way to drive your lover wild is with a fantasy outfit that can be easily ripped off your body, which is the ultimate sexy move on the dance floor. When your top comes off, breast pasties make a stunning fashion statement that brings all the attention to your sexy chest.

Nipple pasties with tassels can also add an attractive aesthetic to your seductive dance moves, which is especially essential when performing a striptease. This naughty accessory gives you a sinful and sexy reveal of bare skin, which shows off your best assets. It also gives you the chance to be almost naked, but teasing your lover with just barely enough coverage of the nipples.

Another must-have for your fantasy lingerie collection, nipple pasties are also perfect for layering beneath other sexy, skin-revealing outfits. When worn underneath tight-fitting tops made with sheer fabric, nipple pasties are perfect for giving you just enough coverage of the breasts without having to wear a bra.

Shop our collection of nipple pasties today and take your fantasy lingerie style from average to out-of-this-world!

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