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Harley Quinn

These classic harlequin-style costumes add a modern sexy twist.

Harley Quinn Costume | Sexy Harley Quinn Halloween Outfit - Spicy Lingerie 

Bring out your inner bad girl with a Harley Quinn costume, a Halloween get-up that's both sexy and playful, just like the many eccentric and mixed up personalities of Harley Quinn. At Spicy Lingerie, our extensive collection of fantasy lingerie includes hundreds of edgy and provocative variations of the Harley Quinn Halloween costume, the iconic sex symbol of the DC universe. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and live out all your naughty super-villain fantasies with a Harley Quinn costume that shows off your wild and crazy alter ego.

Sexy Harley Quinn Costume 

The breakout star of DC comics, Harley Quinn is the ultimate troublemaker, having learned all her tricks from the Clown Prince of Crime, the notorious and diabolical Joker. Love always leads to trouble, especially when it comes to the wild romance between the Joker and Miss Quinn. It all started at the Arkham Asylum in Gotham where Quinn, originally known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, worked as a psychiatric intern. Intrigued with the antisocial behavior of the Joker, she quickly fell under his dastardly spell and her mad love turned into an obsession.

Following in the footsteps of the Joker, her partner in crime, the psychotic Harley Quinn is the sexy pinup girl for chaos and its terrifying allure. She's wild and unpredictable but also cunning and manipulative as she draws people in with her bubbly and charming side. Everybody's favorite super villain is also super sexy in scantly clad Joker-inspired outfits, giving her a reputation for being naughty and seductive in between the sheets. 

The devilish sidekick of the Joker, a sexy Harley Quinn costume needs to have effortless on/off action, so look for ultra lightweight and stretchy bodysuits with full-on punk attitude. At Spicy Lingerie, our collection of Harley Quinn costumes include a fun and playful range of styles that evoke the zany and unpredictable nature of her anything-goes attitude towards life. Choose from varsity punk, dark and decadent, or cute and flirty. Miss Quinn might be a diabolical misfit, but she also loves trouble and high fashion, so dress the part with a Harley Quinn adult costume that speaks to your inner bad girl. Whether it’s Halloween or a fantasy played out in the bedroom, slip into a sexy Harley Quinn costume, grab the Joker, and get ready for mischief and mayhem in Gotham City.

Halloween only comes once a year, so make it count with a Harley Quinn Halloween costume that shows off all your best assets. For a body-shaping look that looks flawless from head to toe, look for Harley Quinn costumes that accentuate your sexiest features. For a look that shows off your sexy legs, transform into the sexy troublemaker of Gotham in a skintight tube dress accented with garters and front-slashed stockings. For more coverage of the hips, look for Harley Quinn costumes with a short and flirty fit and flare ruffle. Another sexy Harley Quinn costume is the body-hugging jumpsuit, which gives you a smooth and flawless effect from top to bottom. Show off your curves while giving yourself a comfortable amount of coverage with stretchy, lightweight fabric that has lots of give. For a cozy look that’s both warm and sexy, slip into a Harley Quinn Halloween costume made with a short, long sleeved A-line dress in baby soft fleece. Complete the outfit with a matching headband and stockings and get ready for a night of mischief with your partner in crime.

Thanks to the incredible amount of stretch in our Harley Quinn costumes, it’s easy to find the perfect size. Simply refer to our size chart to find the size that corresponds with your hips, waist, and bust measurements. If you need assistance, our customer service reps are happy to answer any questions by email, phone, or live chat. Along with top rated customer service, our customers also enjoy shopping incentives like free shipping and free gifts on orders of $150 or more. 

Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes

Ready to stir up trouble with the crazy Joker by your side? Slip into a fun and flirtatious Harley Quinn outfit and get ready to spread the Joker’s brand of chaos and mayhem. And when it comes to fashion, Harley Quinn’s wardrobe is just as animated and over-the-top as her quirky and unpredictable personality. Be the mischief maker of the costume party in blue and red mini shorts paired with her signature T-shirt emblazoned with the words, "Daddy's lil' monster." Create your own “Suicide Squad” adventure when you complete the look with a matching varsity jacket, utility boots, and pigtails. 

Just like her many personalities, Miss Quinn's wardrobe includes a different outfit for every brand of mayhem. Show off your playful and adventurous side in a selection of Harley Quinn lingerie, starting with a sinful and girlish nurse outfit perfect for channeling her distinctive kind of crazy. The ruffled tutu and black, red and white color scheme is just what the Joker ordered for his deranged lover Harley Quinn, the queen of drop dead sex appeal. Slip into matching knee-highs or fishnets for a touch of retro punk and step up to the plate for the joker with a baseball bat, one of her favorite pieces of weaponry. Harley Quinn also loves to be at the center of attention, so get ready to take center stage in a sequined Harley Quinn Halloween costume that's drop-dead gorgeous. Show off sexy legs with high-waisted booty shorts and decadent garter straps, a sinful get-up that easily goes from a lively Halloween party to steamy nights in the boudoir. 

Miss Quinn might seem air-headed with her high-pitched voice, but she's actually a genius, especially for her ability to outsmart her enemies. This Halloween, be the ultimate trickster when you lure in your targets with a Harley Quinn corset, a statement piece that adds a hint of vintage pin-up girl sexiness that contrasts with bold, in-your-face punk accents. The open bust corset cinches the waist to create the sexy hourglass figure while accentuating voluptuous cleavage with an exposed matching push-up bra. Pair it with body-hugging pants, high-heeled boots and wrist cuffs and be the Joker's most deviant darling. 

Impress the demented Joker when you crash the party and become the center of attention with a Harley Quinn jester costume, a seductive outfit for entertaining the royal court of mischief and mayhem. Our collection of fantasy super villain costumes feature a mix of two-toned color patterns and scantily clad silhouettes that show off bare legs with dangerously short skirts and skin tight rompers. Accessorize with a jester-inspired choker and blood-covered sneakers, the quintessential pieces for completing your Harley Quinn outfit.

The Joker’s charming and manic wingman has a reputation for inciting disorder with her charm and psychotic tendencies, making the Harley Quinn costume a fun choice for a group of friends looking to recreate the madness and anarchy of “Suicide Squad,” the hit movie from the DC Cinematic Universe. This popular super-villain persona also has excellent potential as a couple’s costume. With the Joker as your partner in mischief, Batman and his minions don’t stand a chance.

When you find the perfect Harley Quinn adult costume, make the outfit complete with matching accessories, like a baseball bat, a funky wig with pigtails, and Joker-inspired headbands. For Harley Quinn costumes with super short hemlines and one-piece leotards, finish your naughty silhouette with knee-high stockings in a matching color or pattern. At Spicy Lingerie, you’ll find all the gear you need to be the hottest Harley Quinn in Gotham, including a selection of costume shoes that are out of this world. Choose from sequined platform shoes, chunky stiletto heels in funky colors and patterns, and much more.

This Halloween, bring out your devious side in a striking outfit that features a playful mash-up of punk era details combined with modern lingerie accents like garters and fishnets. Harley’s unique sense of style has made her an overnight fashion icon and a trendy Halloween costume that’s quickly become a classic in the comic book world. Shop our extensive collection of fantasy costumes and discover the latest styles of Harley Quinn, a fun-filled firecracker that’s triple-dipped in psycho.

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