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Nurse Costumes

Get Checked Out with these Sexy Naughty Nurse Halloween Costumes from Spicy Lingerie.

Sexy Nurse Costume

If you have a case of heartache, it’s time for you to get checked out in a sexy nurse costume from Spicy Lingerie. For throbbing hearts, the best medicine is a sexy nurse outfit featuring ultra short hemlines and plunging necklines. With hundreds of sinful variations on the standard red and white nurse uniform, get ready to mend lovesick hearts and check your lover’s temperature because it’s getting hot in the waiting room.

Whether your bedside manners are naughty or nice, slip into a sexy nurse costume and put your lover into instant cardiac arrest with a lustful skirt that shows off sexy legs. Be a hospital heartbreaker and add first-aid garters and matching stockings to your provocative ensemble.

Ready to take charge as the night nurse hottie, make heads turn in the waiting room with a sequined corset, lace trimmed panties, and a matching halter top. Other costumes at Spicy Lingerie include cute and flirty accessories like the classic nurse hat and Red Cross emblazoned on a sexy bust.

Sexy Nurse Outfits

If the graveyard shift is more your style, you’ll love Spicy Lingerie’s selection of sexy nurse outfits that have come back from the dead. Have fun this Halloween in a zombified naughty nurse costume that is dead sexy. For even more heart-stopping action in the emergency room of love, grab the thermometer and stethoscope and prepare your lover for a thorough physical exam.

You don’t need an x-ray to see a glimpse of sultry skin beneath sheer, body-hugging mini dresses. Spicy Lingerie’s collection of nurse lingerie is perfect for seducing lovesick patients. With a barely-there bikini top and risqué panties, patch up your lover’s heart as the hospital head nurse when you reveal a ravishing midriff.

If your love life needs emergency CPR, a sexy nurse costume is just what the doctored ordered. Lace up your corset, strap into a sexy white and red nurse costume, and gather your first-aid kit because the doctor of passion and pleasure is in the house.

You also have the option of adding an extra layer of cute and flirtatious to your ensemble with the fit and flare nurse uniform, a classic silhouette. If the patient needs some first-aid in the love department, they’ll find a cure for their lovesickness with the ultra sexy matching panties and negligee underneath. Now that you have the proper diagnosis, find the remedy for heartache with the hottest styles of nurse costumes from Spicy Lingerie, the headquarters for naughty nurses.

At Spicy Lingerie, our collection of sexy nurse costumes are red-hot sexy, so be prepared to take your lover’s temperature when you slip into a medical-themed teddy négligée. For a naughty look that commands attention, have fun being the hottest nurse in the ER with skimpy, skin-revealing nurse lingerie as your weapon of choice. Another sexy nurse outfit is the corset, which helps cinch in the waist and shapes the midsection while lifting and supporting the chest. The result is a sexy foundation for the naughtiest nurse at the costume party.

For a comfortable and sexy nurse outfit that’s effortlessly wearable, the skin-baring bodysuit is a fun way to show off your sexiest features. You can also personalize your naughty nurse costume with matching stockings and fanciful heels that are out of this world. If you’re in the mood for maximum vamp, make it a sinful hospital affair with a vinyl negligee, a bedroom look that oozes sex appeal. For a style that’s both sweet and salty, you’ll love our open bust bra tops that leave nothing to the imagination. Be the hottie of the hospital when you pair it with dangerously short and frilly skirts, matching garters and stockings, and flirty headgear.

Another nurse outfit that looks fabulous on any body type is the classic babydoll, which provides coverage of the midsection and hips with a natural, flowing waistline. Look for skirts made with sheer chiffon, which allows for sexy bra and panties to show through. Designed in the traditional red and white color theme, the babydoll has come down with a fever thanks to our tantalizing update on the classic nurse costume. With slinky spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neckline, the babydoll negligee provides a balanced amount of chest support while keeping your shoulders looking sleek and symmetrical.

Made with stretchy, lightweight spandex, our sexy nurse costumes are effortlessly sexy with easy on/off action and a shapely fit that looks fabulous on any body type. Thanks to our size chart, finding the perfect size sexy nurse costume is easier than ever. Simply find your bust, waist, and hips measurement that corresponds to the correct size, which ranges from small to large, including plus sizes. If you’ve found the perfect nurse costume but still need assistance, our customer service reps are happy to answer any questions by phone, email, or live chat.

The perfect prescription for hospital naughtiness, a sexy nurse costume is just what you need to feel sexy from head to toe. Whether it’s for Halloween or a night of role-playing excitement, live out your hospital fantasy in the hottest nurse costumes of the season. For a complete sexy nurse costume, matching accessories are just what the doctor ordered. Choose from a wide range of wigs, from long and curly to short and sassy. We also feature stockings in a variety of sinful colors, including red, black, white, and much more. Finish your sexy nurse costume with provocative, come-hither heels from our collection of costume shoes and be a miracle worker for lovesick hearts!

Sexy Nurse Costume for Any Occasion

One of the most popular types of clothing fetishes, the nurse costume will always be a classic go-to for occasions when you need a costume to set the mood. If it's for a Halloween party, make it a couple’s costume when your partner in crime wears a doctor's uniform. A naughty nurse costume can also be worn when you’re in the mood for some role-playing fun in the bedroom.

Sinful Accouterments for the Sexy Nurse Costume

At Spicy Lingerie, our vast selection of naughty accessories gives you the chance to level up your seduction game. If you're in a frisky mood, complement your nurse costume with handcuffs or satin sashes, the ultimate accessory for a thrilling time-me-up/tie-me-down scenario in the bedroom. We also feature blindfolds and feather ticklers, which add even more sexiness to your boudoir foreplay with an element of suspense.

You can also drive your lover wild when you wear a sexy nurse costume for a seductive striptease. Whatever style nurse costume you choose, wearing nipple pasties underneath a bra or negligee is a fun and flirty way to pull off a daring skin reveal. At Spicy Lingerie, we feature a range of different breast pasties, including tasseled styles that give you a seductive sense of movement when you’re dancing for your lover.

How to Care for your Naughty Nurse Costume  

Like all fantasy lingerie, your sexy nurse costume should also be considered a delicate item and should only be dry cleaned or washed by hand with special fabric detergent. Fabrics like lace, nylon, mesh, and faux leather also need to be air-dried so that the synthetic materials are not damaged by the heat of the dryer. For a fast and convenient way to launder your nurse costume, you can also spot clean it with a damp, soapy cloth or stain-remover.

If your nurse costume is designed with a skirt, keep the ruffles full and voluminous by storing it on a hanger in your closet. Hanger storage will also keep your sexy nurse costume from getting wrinkled; that way, you’ll always be ready for an emergency make-out session with your favorite doctor of love.

Why the Nurse Costume Will Always Be Sexy

There is something incredibly sexy about uniforms, especially in the world of fantasy lingerie. In fact, the universal sex appeal of a uniform has been a research topic for sex experts for many decades. In role-playing scenarios, the nurse costume can help give you and your partner a sense of power and expertise in the foreplay department.

Sexy costumes like the nurse outfit are another way to up the ante on your bedroom fun. Slip on a sexy nurse costume and get ready to transform your everyday look into a stunning outfit that will definitely cause your lover to go into cardiac arrest. With heart-stopping hemlines that barely cover your bottom, garters, stockings, and more, you’ll be ready to mend some lovesick hearts at the costume party or in the boudoir.  

With hundreds of ultra naughty costumes to choose from, Spicy Lingerie is the perfect prescription for spicing things up in the boudoir. If it gets too hot in the bedroom, it might be time to slip into a sexy nurse costume and check your lover for a love-induced fever. Armed with the hottest nurse outfits from Spicy Lingerie, the prognosis looks dangerously sexy for the health of your love life.

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