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Handcuffs Lingerie

Sexy Handcuffs - We offer a great selection of furry handcuffs, fuzzy handcuffs and bindfolds at great low prices! Shop our sexy handcuff lingerie now!

Fuzzy Handcuffs

When it comes to spicing things up in the boudoir, take a cue from the BSDM lifestyle and add sexy handcuffs to your collection of naughty accouterment. For consenting adults ready to experience a night of thrilling 'sexploration,' fuzzy handcuffs create the exciting balance of power between the dominant and submissive partner, a key aspect of the bondage fetish. 

Meaning Bondage, Sadism, Domination, and Discipline, the BSDM lifestyle isn't for everyone, especially since this fetish typically involves varying degrees of violence towards women. However, a recent study showed that couples that dabble in some aspect of BSDM report longer lasting relationships and a more satisfying sex life. If you and your lover have broken the laws of attraction, get ready to be detained and frisked in the bedroom when you incorporate adult handcuffs into your lineup of sexy moves. 

Take your love life to the next level of high octane sexy with furry handcuffs, the perfect accessory for soft bondage. A vanilla alternative to more intense foreplay associated with BSDM, this type of bondage is perfect for beginners, especially since it involves soft material compared to typical metal handcuffs. Restraints made with faux fur also pair well with fantasy lingerie made with classic black lace and a matching blindfold.

At Spicy Lingerie, our sexy undergarment sets include handcuffs and a blindfold designed to complement luxurious details like sheer floral lace and shimmery satin bows. Surrender to your lover while feeling sexy and luxurious in seductive and alluring bedroom outfits inspired by classic intimate apparel styles.

Sexy Handcuffs

When it comes to playing out kinky fantasies, it all starts with a sinful and provocative lingerie ensemble. Slip into vampy and provocative teddies or négligées made with black leather or vinyl and set the mood for thrilling foreplay. Our sexy sets also include matching bedroom handcuffs for the complete outfit, your gateway to fulfilling your wildest fantasies. 

According to ‘sexperts,’ a fetish involves a sexual fixation on inanimate objects, especially exotic lingerie. Complete your kinky look with come-hither accessories like platform stilettos and prepare yourself for a night of sinful pleasures with your lover. Choose heels in complementary colors that match the accents of your teddy or negligee and pair it with sheer stockings or fishnets for a put-together lingerie style that brings out your inner dominatrix.

Exotic lingerie looks sexy on its own, but handcuffs and a blindfold up the ante on exciting ‘sexcapades’ in between the sheets. Because of the thrilling element of surprise and not knowing your lover's next move, bondage is perfect for taking your love making to the next level.

With 15,000+ items and new pieces arriving daily, Spicy Lingerie is the premier online headquarters for fantasy intimate apparel at inexpensive prices. Featuring daily discounts and clearance sales, we offer our costumers everyday low prices on the hottest styles of the season. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and discover everything you need for a wild night in the boudoir.

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