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shop our new arrival monokini swimwear. Buy sexy one piece swimsuits at lowest prices everyday.

Monokini Swimsuit

An icon of 80s swimwear, the monokini swimsuit is making a major splash in today’s fashion world thanks to a trendy mash-up of modern and classic styles. The comeback of the monokini puts an ultra chic spin on the traditional one-piece bathing suit, making it a must-have piece for every woman’s swimwear collection. From plunging necklines and lace-up halters to strapless and off the shoulder styles, discover the hottest new looks from our extensive monokini collection and get ready to make waves in the go-to swimsuit of the season.

An essential item on your summer checklist, monokini suits are a sleek and sophisticated way to show off your voluptuous curves. Get ready to celebrate your silhouette in a sexy monokini design with asymmetrical side cutouts, a modern and elegant style that doubles as a bodysuit when you pair it with your favorite cutoffs.

Or, keep your look super sporty in between laps by using running shorts as a cover-up. At Spicy Lingerie, you’ll find a selection of monokinis with bright, chunky stripes, the perfect accents to get you into the game. If you need more coverage than the typical monokini, we also feature long sleeve styles was sexy open backs, a stylish design that’s perfect for adventures on the open water.

The monokini owes its popularity to a unique design that provides the secure, comfortable fit of a one-piece but with sexy cutouts that highlight a glowing, sun-kissed tab and an irresistible midsection. That way, you can get rowdy in the water without worrying about an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, walking on the beach, or frolicking in the waves, the monokini is both functional and fashion-forward, a 2-in-1 swimsuit design that’s here to stay.

Sexy Monokinis

The monokini looks fabulous on any figure thanks to a delicious variety of contemporary styles featured in the spicy lingerie swimsuit collection. Easily go from the beach to sunset drinks at the tiki bar in the versatile monokini bathing suit, an ideal style for voluptuous body types because of its ability to create a slimming effect on the figure. To make your self appear taller, look for styles in monochromatic shades or color blocks, which further enhance the elongating effects.

For small-framed, petite figures, create the illusion of volume and stature with bright, vibrant florals, bold prints, or shimmery metallic accents. At Spicy Lingerie, we feature the hottest new styles of monokini suits inspired by top designers, including crochet front detailing and fringe trim, which make stylish accents for accentuating your sexy midriff. Choose from styles in angelic white to highlight a sun-kissed glow or give your sheer knit monokini an intense pop of color in fire engine red.

We also feature a selection of monokini swimsuits designed to show off your patriotic spirit. Celebrate the USA with dangerously sexy low-cut necklines and high-waisted retro bikini cuts and get ready to make a serious splash at the fireworks show in celebratory red, white, and blue.

How to Choose the Perfect Size Monokini

At Spicy Lingerie, our collection of monokinis are made with stretchy fabrics that have lots of give, which makes them easily fit any body type. The sexy monokini is available in a range of sizes, from small to extra large. If you need help finding your size, simply refer to our easy to use size chart, which lists your corresponding bust, waist, and hips with small, medium, large, or extra large. Another shortcut for finding the perfect fit, you can also choose the same size as your best-fitting one-piece swimsuit.

The Best Color Monokini for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the best color for your monokini swimsuit is a matter of personal preference, but if you need help deciding on a style, there are other factors you can consider. For Hollywood power stylist Cristina Ehrlich, her styling approach starts with choosing the right color based on skin tone. If you have fair skin, for example, choose a monokini swimsuit in deep jewel-toned hues like Ruby and Sapphire, which will help accentuate the contrast.

For medium to dark skin, rich colors like red, yellow, or shimmery gold are perfect for complementing gold and yellow undertones. If your skin tone has gold and peach colored tones, try wearing a sexy monokini in bright, eye-catching pastels, which will give you a striking contrast and a glowing complexion.

Ready for nautical elegance on the high seas? Be the first mate of sexiness in a striking monokini designed with navy blue stripes and red trim, the classic accents of maritime fashion. Show off your sexy shoulders with a strapless neckline, a simple yet seductive style that’s sure to catch the attention of your sea captain. Pair it with a wraparound skirt and sail away into the sunset in style. Ship ahoy sexy!

Our collection of monokinis also features the trendiest new styles in contemporary design. Inspired by high fashion from the runway, choose from chic zigzag patterns of mesh incorporated seamlessly into a sleek one-piece frame, creating a sexy, streamlined silhouette. For a dash of boho chic, you’ll love our monokinis designed with ultra low-cut necklines and lots of fringe benefits. For a timeless look that makes a comeback every swimsuit season, look for monokinis in basic, versatile shades like white, black, or bright pastels and featuring a classic neckline with the spaghetti strap halter and dramatic side cutouts that bares your sexy midsection.

If you’re in the mood for naughtiness on the open water, our collection also includes ultra skimpy, barely-there silhouettes that push the envelope of sinful sex appeal. Be the most scantily clad mermaid of the sea in a daring monokini inspired by decadent teddies. Designed with super thin strips of fabric, expose your luscious curves in a provocative style that takes your swimsuit wardrobe to the next level of high-octane sexy. If you want to be the center of attention, our ultra seductive monokinis will transform you into the ultimate beachside babe.

Stylish Cover-ups for your Sexy Monokini

For a sexy monokini in black or another monochromatic shade, the crochet cover-up dress gives you lots of style with contrasting colors. At Spicy Lingerie, the crochet style cover-up also comes in black, which complements any color of style monokini. For a sexy sense of movement, look for styles accented with fringe trim and the breezy and relaxed fit of dolman sleeves, the must-have look of the season.

Our selection of beach dresses also includes trendy styles such as off-the-shoulder necklines with ruffle detail, which adds volume and stature to those with smaller sized busts. If you want to show off sexy cleavage, look for styles with plunging necklines, which will also allow a glimpse of your monokini underneath. You can also accentuate your sexy bare shoulders with a cover-up designed with delicate spaghetti straps, which helps give balance and a sense of proportion to your upper body. This style is especially flattering on large busted figures because it allows for more support of the chest with the symmetrical straps.

Another cute and flirty way to style your sexy monokini swimsuit is with a mesh strap, which ties around your waist and shows off your voluptuous curves. If your monokini is a sporty style, we also feature a selection of beach shorts in a variety of colors and accents. If you’re looking for a cover-up that provides more coverage, make some waves in a long maxi dress or a beach jumpsuit, which can be worn over a sexy monokini swimsuit as a versatile outfit that effortlessly takes you from the poolside to out and about.

At Spicy Lingerie, get ready to make a splash at the pool party with our monokini sale, which features every day low prices for the top swimsuit designs of the season. Shop our collection today and be ready for a dose of Vitamin ‘sea’ because life is always better in flip-flops and a bikini.

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