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Fashion of the Past & Vintage Costumes

Fashion Of the Past Costumes, Vintage, Retro, Historical Costumes

Sexy Historical Costumes

This Halloween, show off your adventurous and fun-loving side when you slip into a historical costume that instantly transports you to a bygone era of style and distinction. Wearing a costume is all about exploring a new persona or identity and with hundreds of vintage style outfits to choose from, discover the perfect get-up for bringing your alter ego out to play. Inspired by historical legends and the fashion icons that defined a generation, the extensive collection at Spicy Lingerie features fantasy outfits that span many time periods, from the flapper costume and disco era to buxom Viking babes and the notorious and highly fashionable Marie Antoinette. 

Marie Antoinette Costume

If you're in the mood for an evening of mid 18th century high fashion, get ready to hold court in a Marie Antoinette costume, an ultra luxurious and over-the-top style that's bound to start a fashion revolution at your next costume party. Spicy Lingerie's skimpy and seductive take on France's most infamous historical figure features an overdose of ruffles and lush satin adorned with posh accents like fancy brocades and a lace-up corset top. The outfit comes together with flirty knee-high stockings, the quintessential accessory for excitement and thrills in the Royal boudoir. 

Choose from elegant and timeless neutrals or make the outfit pop with Marie Antoinette’s signature sky blue color incorporated into an opulent brocade dress adorned with diamond encrusted mesh accents and lace ruffles. Get ready for your grand appearance at the royal court when you finish the look with a pink wig, stockings, and matching petticoat. Add a faux mole and satin gloves and become poised to make the scandalous declaration of the age--"Let them eat cake."

Sexy Viking Costumes

If you're in the mood to stir up trouble as an invading marauder and conqueror, live out your “Game of Throne” fantasies in a sexy Viking costume that's perfect for pillaging and plundering. At Spicy Lingerie, we feature a modern and sexy spin on the classic women's Viking costume. Accented with a Viking-inspired mini suede skirt and matching bra top, be the sexiest warrior on the battlefield when you suit up in battle armor that shows off lots of bare skin. 

For a more traditional Viking costume, our collection also includes a selection of uneven hem dresses accented with leather waist cinchers and matching wrist cuffs. Complete the look with knee-high leather boots and your weapon of choice: a sword, hatchet, or bow and arrow. If you're looking for more coverage than our super skimpy Viking outfits, this design creates a sexy silhouette while also showing off bare arms and supporting the bust. Need a wingman on the battlefield? Slip into a Viking couple’s costume and prepare for an epic battle to be the sexiest warriors at the costume party.

Disco Costume

Feeling groovy this Halloween? Get ready to boogie under the disco ball when you suit up in fun and funky disco costumes from our extensive collection. Get into the spirit of “Saturday Night Fever” with bellbottom pants, psychedelic prints, and an overload of glitter, the perfect prescription for a case of disco fever. A classic look for the disco diva, sparkle and glow on the dance floor in a retro cat suit encrusted with rhinestones. 

We also feature sexy dresses in gold metallic fabric, the perfect costume for dancing the night away. If short and flirty helps you get your groove on, you'll love our disco costumes featuring flared bell sleeves, a mini hemline, and retro flower prints. Prepare for a disco inferno with your partner in crime when you both shimmy into a far out couple’s costume. At Spicy Lingerie, you'll find a selection of super cool men's bellbottoms, saddle shoes, and glittery button-up shirts, a fun and flirty way to get fresh and funky at the dance party. 

Sexy Flapper Costumes

In the mood for vintage glam? Be the cat’s meow at the speakeasy when you arrive on the scene in an elegant and sophisticated flapper costume, the iconic fashion that defined the Jazz Age. The flapper costume is more than luxurious fringe trim, long pearls, and feather accents. The natural, flowing waistline of the flapper dress was a turning point for a generation of women that were ready to be emancipated from restrictive corsets and floor-length petticoats. 

Like a scene straight from the pages of the Fitzgerald’s classic, "The Great Gatsby," be the prettiest, most elegant Daisy Buchanan at the cocktail party when you arrive to the costume party in a stunning flapper costume. While the handsome and dapper Mr. Gatsby warms up the Studebaker, slip into a sequined flapper dress and get ready to do the Charleston with layers of fringe and a feather fascinator that frames a cute bob, the popular hairstyle of the era. At Spicy Lingerie, our collection of flapper costumes are the bee’s knees of 20s elegance and sophistication. Choose from a variety of seriously sexy hemlines that range from just above the knee to barely-there mini skirts with an overload of fringe benefits adorning the trim.

Welcome to Spicy Lingerie, the premier headquarters for inexpensive fantasy costumes that span a variety of historical eras. Dance the Lindy Hop in a dazzling flapper costume, get your boogie on in a shimmery disco get-up, or storm the castle in fantastical Viking combat gear. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and be the sexiest historical figure at the costume party.

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