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Sexy Bunny Costumes

Who says Hugh Heffner gets to hog all the bunnies? Dress playful this Halloween with a sexy bunny costume, Sexy bunny costumes are the perfect way to play dress up for Halloween or just for fun! Nobody will be able to resist your naughtiness in our sexy bunny costumes.

Sexy Bunny Costumes

Everybody loves a sexy bunny, so hop on over to Spicy Lingerie and slip into a sexy bunny costume from our extensive collection. Thanks to Hugh Hefner and his legendary Playboy bunnies, the sexy bunny Halloween costume has reached icon status in the world of fantasy lingerie. When you include a few bunnylicious outfits in your intimate apparel wardrobe, get ready for your honey bunny to fall in love with your flirty, sexy, and impossibly adorable new look.

Some bunny will definitely love you when you suit up in a traditional style bunny costume. The one-piece teddy gives you a sleek and sexy hourglass silhouette that hugs your curves in all the right places. Make it a classy and elegant affair with a tuxedo-themed bunny costume for adults. A bow tie, white cuffs, black corset, and matching bunny ears are all the details you need to be the sexiest bunny in the briar patch.

The sexy bunny costume also comes in a variety of delicious candy-coated flavors like pink, green, and purple for a fun pop of color. Give your profile a touch of disco sparkle with a sequin-encrusted corset. Choose from cotton candy pink for a dainty and demure look or make it a decadent and vampy with a naughty tuxedo style corset. Pair your Playboy bunny costume with a sexy matching thong and bunny ears and get ready to be the hottest bunny in the boudoir. If you're a bunny from the future, make it an out-of-this-world experience in a hot pink sequin bodysuit with a strapless sweetheart neckline. Add a matching garter, bow tie, and bunny ears, and show your futuristic side in this daring look that really pops.

Or, add more coverage of the hips with a coquettish ballerina-inspired tutu. Another classic style is the tuxedo dress with tails, a bold and dramatic look that's both elegant and playful.

Adult Halloween Bunny Costumes

Our collection of bunny lingerie also features the hottest new styles of the season. The sexy bunny costume gets an 80s glam update with a bodysuit made of see-through mesh and a high-cut bikini line. Add bunny ears and matching gloves for the complete sexy bunny outfit.

Classic bunny vamp meets modern glamour with the sexy bunny costume that steals the show with open bust detail. Be and naughty rabbit when you turn up the volume with kinky black leather straps and scandalous chains. Strappy details are also a must-have for a bunny with maximum attitude. Give your bunny look a punch of kink with vinyl or leather costumes, a naughty combo of flirty innocence and in-your-face vamp. The Playboy bunny costume also comes as an ultra naughty leather teddy that just barely covers a nearly naked silhouette. Add a lace mask in bunny ears for a sexy bunny costume that dares to bare.

When it comes to delivering sweetness, our collection of bunny lingerie features something for every bunny, whether it's cute and demure or modern and edgy. The sexy bunny costume gets a futuristic twist with a sleek and shimmering catsuit, a body smoothing style that outlines every curve. Or, be an ultra haute hopper in a whimsical white rabbit costume inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Its super short hemline and flirtatious ruffles offer more coverage than the skimpier bunny costumes but still makes you a big-time tease.

This season, bring the legendary glamour and allure of the Playboy Mansion to your Halloween celebration with sexy bunny costumes from Spicy Lingerie. With hundreds of colors and styles to choose from, make it extra special when you wear a bunny costume that expresses your unique bedroom persona.

You could also make it a sexy and sophisticated couple's costume with your partner dressed as Hugh Hefner in a deluxe gentleman's robe. Whether it's for Halloween or a night of role-playing fun, be the sexiest bunny in the pumpkin patch with the hottest styles of Playboy bunny Halloween costumes from Spicy Lingerie.

At Spicy Lingerie, you'll find the perfect Playboy Bunny outfit for every style and fantasy. For a bunny Halloween costume that turns heads, go big and bold with sequins from head to toe. Choose from a variety of delicious flavors like hot pink, green, purple, and much more.

If you're in the mood to feel cute and cozy, be a curious white rabbit in an adorable bunny costume made with soft fleece and a short hemline that shows off your sexy legs. Make yourself the cutest bunny in the forest with cute details like a hoodie with pink bunny ears and a bright-colored vest. Our collection also includes bunny costumes with ruffled skirts and tails, the fanciful adornments that are perfect for giving you a touch of vintage glam.

Finding the right size bunny costume is easy when you shop at Spicy Lingerie. Hop on over to our size chart and find the size that corresponds with your bust, waist, and hip measurements. If you don't have your recent measurements, the chart also lists equivalent dress sizes for your convenience.

When it comes to online lingerie shopping, every bunny loves expert help. At Spicy Lingerie, our customer service reps are happy to answer any questions by email, phone, or online chat messages. When you shop for Playboy Bunny costumes from our extensive collection, we also sweeten the deal with shopping incentives like free shipping and gifts on orders of $150 or more.

If you're looking for a bunny costume for adults, our collection of sexy costumes is just a hop (and click) away at Spicy Lingerie. Shop our collection today and get ready to be the sexiest Bunny at the Playboy Mansion.

The Best Playboy Bunny Costume

Hop around the Playboy Mansion in a sexy bunny costume that flatters your body type. A Playboy bunny costume that looks flattering on all shapes and sizes is the bunny-inspired corset, which cinches in the waist to create the sexy hourglass figure. The underwire and acrylic boning also lifts and supports the breasts for ultimate cleavage exposure. Black is a classic and alluring color for a sexy bunny costume, especially with cute and flirty details such as tuxedo colors, sequins, and much more. For a less structured fit, the Playboy bunny costume also comes in a one-piece bodysuit, which also shapes your silhouette and provides a subtle lift of the breasts.

For a look with more coverage and a little drama, you’ll love the Playboy bunny outfit with the high-low skirt. Dress up the style even more with provocative full-length fishnet or sheer black stockings. At Spicy Lingerie, we have all the accessories you need for a complete sexy bunny costume, including thigh high stockings and detachable garter belts. Some styles also feature suspenders, which outline a sleek and sexy torso and bust. 

With hundreds of different sexy bunny costumes for adults, Spicy Lingerie has everything you need for a sultry, standout style. Be the cute and flirtatious bunny at the Mansion when you slip into a Playboy bunny costume that shows off your best features. 

When you wear a Playboy bunny costume, you can make it part of a sexy dance that ends with an irresistible striptease. Or, it can be worn as a sexy ensemble for serving drinks at an adult-themed party. You can also jump out of a cake or simply relax with a glass of champagne. Whatever the occasion, the Playboy bunny costume evokes the legendary spirit of the epic parties at the famous Playboy Mansion. 

The great thing about a classic Playboy bunny outfit is that the one-piece bodysuit or corset gives you plenty of midsection coverage while also shaping and elongating your silhouette. It also highlights your sexy bare legs, which get most of the attention in this iconic outfit. Many of the bodices also come with built-in padding and structured underwire in the bust, which accentuates the chest with sexy decolletage. 

After pairing your sexy bunny costume with complementary stockings, you’ll need a pair of sexy heels to finish your outfit. When it comes to accessorizing a Playboy bunny outfit, try to choose styles that match the accents of your outfit. For example, if your sexy bunny costume is the classic black and white tuxedo style, black heels are a stylish and elegant option. For a Playboy bunny costume with an edgy and sinful look such as vinyl or leather with straps and studs, go for full-on drama when you pair it with chunky stiletto heels. A cute and flirty look for a sexy bunny costume with hot shorts are heeled black leather boots, which outline your sexy calves while providing a sexy lift of your entire frame. 

Be a basket full of sweetness when you hop down the bunny trail in the cutest looks of the season. When you slip into a sexy bunny costume, get ready for a hair-raising adventure in the boudoir. This classic statement piece evokes the spirit of Playboy bunnies and their incredible allure. Wrapped up in a sweet confection of bunny inspired lingerie, these lovely bunnies were considered the toast of the Playboy Mansion. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and be prepared for every bunny to fall in love with a ravishing rabbit, the quintessential lingerie style for role-playing fun.

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