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Sexy Couples Costumes

Couple Halloween costumes from Spicy Lingerie will make you both look great. Go ahead and show each other off!


Halloween is double the fun when you have a partner in crime, and sexy couple costumes are an easy way to complement each other's look. Along with our extensive selection of fantasy lingerie and accessories, we also feature erotic costumes for couples in classic get-ups designed to maximize sex appeal.


Featuring flirty and skimpy updates on iconic outfits, our collection of erotic costumes for couples includes a long list of sexy styles. Choose from cops and robbers to nurses and military personnel, which can easily go from Halloween parties to role-playing fun in the bedroom.

Our collection of naughty couples costumes also includes rustic cowboys and glamorous rodeo queens. So giddy up cowboy and be ready to corral your partner when you suit up in sexy western regalia.


For more sexy couple costume ideas, get into some trouble at the speakeasy in a matching pinstripe suit and flapper outfit. Be the cat's meow when you finish the look with suspenders, fishnet garters, and a fedora.

Other Halloween costume ideas for naughty couples include sexy military outfits, which are perfect for harboring weapons of mass seduction. Be the Top Gun at the costume party in skintight silhouettes, dangerously short hemlines, and sexy accessories like aviator glasses, headgear, and military-style boots.


Our collection of sexy couple costumes also includes far-out disco outfits with lots of flower power. Be a sexy couple on the dance floor in matching polyester prints that are super groovy. For erotic costumes that are sure to get you noticed, our sexy couple costumes also come in vampy and seductive styles such as the princess of darkness vampire and warrior queen. If you're in the mood to show off your tough side, make a fashion statement in sexy couple costumes that bring out your inner warrior such as men’s and women's matching samurai outfits.

If you're looking for more sexy couple Halloween costume ideas, we have hundreds of different styles. Our selection of erotic costumes also features quirky looks like ring leaders from the circus, a combination of eye-catching pinstripes, leather pants, and top hats. Or have fun in a time warp back to the '80s in sexy couple costumes with matching pastel tracksuits.


Other erotic costumes in our collection include fun and flirtatious cartoon characters like Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Or walk like an Egyptian in sexy couple costumes inspired by Cleopatra and King Tut. Our collection includes sexy couple Halloween ideas that are straight out of your favorite fairytale. Choose from Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, along with classic Prince Charming costumes. For a night of cultural appreciation, have fun with your costume partner in traditional German outfits inspired by Oktoberfest. Choose from short and frilly skirts to longer silhouettes with more coverage. Men's costumes feature different styles of lederhosen for a classic Deutschland couple's outfit that is sure to get the party started.

At Spicy Lingerie, we make it easy to style your costume with matching accessories from our extensive collection, including stockings, shoes, wigs, and more.

Our collection of sexy Halloween costumes for couples also features a wild selection of matching pilot and flight attendant uniforms. At Spicy Lingerie, we make it easy to be a member of your own mile-high club in ultra skimpy revamps of traditional uniforms.

If you're looking for sexy adult couple costumes, you've come to the right place. Shop today for hot couple Halloween costume ideas that are absolutely 'bootiful!'

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