Corsets & Bustiers

Shop our collection of corsets and bustiers! Take your pick from dozens of trendy prints and luxe styles. We carry classy, sexy, high quality corsets with a variety of styles and colors..


A bestseller at Spicy Lingerie, corsets and bustiers are an effortless way to add high-fashion vibes to your intimate apparel collection. Corset lingerie with fancy floral brocades can be worn in a variety of ways. For an elegant evening outfit, pair it with a moto jacket for an edgy-tough girl look or make it classic with a structured blazer. Bustier lingerie is another option for a sexy underwear-as-outerwear style. 

A cousin to the corset, the bustier cinches in the front, giving you lots of tummy-flattening effects and a slight lift to the cleavage. Pair corsets and bustiers with your favorite love-worn denim, leggings, or short and flirty skirt for a stylish outfit that is sure to turn heads. Another option for styling corset lingerie for an everyday outfit is to wear it over a collared, button-up shirt. 


Contrary to common misconceptions about corset lingerie, a well-fitted one actually provides substantial support of the back while lifting the breasts for irresistible cleavage. When you include corsets and bustiers into your daily rotation of intimate apparel, you get the best in style and function. That’s why sexy corset lingerie will always be a timeless classic that never goes out of style. A lovely and romantic look is the lace corset, which adds a sweet and elegant touch to a bedroom outfit. Pair it with matching stockings and garters for a complete look that frames your silhouette beautifully. 

Our collection of sexy corsets and bustiers also gets a vampy, modern update with black leather and vinyl. If you’re in the mood for full-throttle naughtiness, command attention with kinky details like open cup tops. Add accouterments like blindfolds and handcuffs for a thrilling scene in the bedroom. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and find the perfect outfit for any occasion.