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Alice & Friends Costumes

Spicy Lingerie went through the looking glass and tumbled down the rabbit hole to get this great selection of Alice in Wonderland costumes. Be sure to get yours early or you'll be late for a very important date.

Alice in Wonderland Costume

Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole of passion and lust? Instantly transform into Disney's iconic character with a pretty and girlish Alice in Wonderland costume. Get ready for a trippy adventure when you join the nonsensical misfits that Alice meets on her out-of-this-world escapades through the forest. She might get lost along the way, but curiosity and the wise Cheshire cat keep her on the path to the Queen of Hearts.

An irresistible combination of innocence and a sense of adventure, our collection of Alice costumes features a sexy blend of sweet and salty with an ultra seductive take the classic get-up. Slip into an Alice in Wonderland dress and prepare yourself for a mad and wacky afternoon. Curiouser and curiouser! 

In the mood for a mad tea party? Suit up in an Alice in Wonderland costume and set the mood for a wild and wonderful time with your kooky pals. The Alice in Wonderland theme is perfect for an entire group, which includes Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and the notorious Queen of Hearts. Grab your favorite misfits and make it a team effort when you get the party started with absurd and madcap antics.

Channel her precocious and curious spirit with an Alice costume that takes the signature blue and white dress and gives it an ultra seductive spin. This Halloween, be prepared for a zany adventure when you show up to the tea party in a sexy Alice in Wonderland costume with layers of cute and flirtatious ruffles. Add white stockings and a bow headband for a complete look that sets you on the path to the Queen of Hearts.


Sexy Alice in Wonderland Costume

Is it a wildflower? A weed? It's a very sexy adult in an Alice in Wonderland costume who is about to fall down the rabbit hole. For a more traditional style, look for dresses with fit and flare skirts, including a longer silhouette that covers the knee or an ultra short hemline accented with matching stockings. Want to make your Alice look even more daring and provocative? You’ll love our selection of wild and wonderful Alice costumes that stand out with black and white checkered patterns, lush satin fabric, and an overdose of adorable ruffles.

When it comes to adventures in between the sheets, all the best people are entirely bonkers, at least according to Alice and her imaginations. Have you gone mad? If so, it’s time for an Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume that’s both adorable and sexy. Make all the flowers jealous when you show up to the garden in an Alice costume featuring the iconic blue and white color scheme and a skimpy shape inspired by the hottest trends in fantasy lingerie.

This Halloween, choose a cute and pretty Alice in Wonderland costume from our extensive collection and journey to a place like no other on earth, a land full of wonder, mystery and danger! 

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