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Plus Size Corsets

Slim and trim that beautiful plus size figure with our corsets! Sheer, satin or lace, Spicy Lingerie has it all to fit your needs.

Plus Size Corsets

When it comes to the ideal figure, all body shapes are sexy, including voluptuous bods with plenty of curves and a shapely bust. If you’re looking for plus size corsets and bras at clearance prices, you’ve come to the right place. At Spicy Lingerie, we feature more than 15,000 different styles of plus size lingerie for every imaginable bedroom fantasy. Whether you need a fun and flirtatious lace up corset to spice up your love life or extra bust support and waist reduction, we offer hundreds of corsets and bras at the lowest prices not found anywhere else.

A well-fitted corset is a fun and sexy way to spice up the bedroom, especially since the intricate lacing and grommet closures can heighten the anticipation of your lover and be used as part of your seduction. Corsets also help support the bust while pushing up the breasts and accentuating voluptuous décolletage.

Contrary to a popular misconception, plus size corsets that are well fitted actually provide back support while helping to shape the midsection into the hourglass figure. The acrylic boning cinches in the waist while the underwire on the bodice lifts and supports the bust. For larger frames with a voluptuous chest, plus size corset tops are the perfect solution for providing balanced support. When you wear plus size corsets under evening gowns, its structured shape helps to define and highlight your curves. The result is a seamless and striking silhouette that makes your dress really pop.

Another sexy detail to add to your evening look is matching garters and stockings. With floor-sweeping styles, these red-hot accessories might be invisible, but when you head to the boudoir later that evening, your sexy undergarments will be the star of the show. Plus size corset lingerie also looks fabulous underneath dresses or skirts with short and flirty hemlines. When you play up the look with matching garters and stockings, it gives you a chance to give your lover a peek of what’s underneath. After all, nothing is sexier than a glimpse of the sexiness that’s to come later in the boudoir.  

At Spicy Lingerie, fall in love with the plus size corset bra, an effortless way to update your undergarment drawer with retro charm. For easy on/off action, the zippered front is a fusion of modern edginess and classic sex appeal. Look for solid colors in power black or rich, jewel-toned shades, which gives your frame a sleek and slim look from top to bottom.  

The right accessories can also make you look salty, sweet, or a little bit of both. Transform a classic plus size corset bra into a provocative fashion statement when you dress it up with striking fishnets and garters. Complete your outfit with chunky stilettos and a feather boa, and get ready to command attention in the bedroom.

If you’re feeling extra naughty, we also feature a collection of ultra kinky accessories like handcuffs, whips, and masks, all the accouterments you need to play the vampy dominatrix or the damsel in distress. Whatever your bedroom fantasy, Spicy Lingerie is your one-stop shop for seduction.

Most corsets are based off your bust, so you should choose a size that correlates with your bra size. Find the perfect size with our simple and easy to use size chart, which includes plus sizes 1/2x – 6x. Each size corresponds to the waist, bust, hips, and equivalent dress size. To put on a lace corset with ease, we recommend lacing up the corset loosely in the back before having it tightened. Following the bustline, the corset should fall just below the hip. If you still have questions about sizing, feel free to contact our helpful customer service experts by phone, live chat or email and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Browse Our Selection of Affordable Plus Size Corsets

A classic undergarment, the corset was first introduced in the 1500s as a way to slim the waist and create the feminine hourglass figure. Over the centuries, it’s become an icon in the world of lingerie fashion and an essential intimate undergarment for waist reduction and supporting the breasts.

At Spicy Lingerie, we feature a huge collection of plus size corset tops, including the underbust style, a must-have statement piece for nailing the underwear-as-outerwear trend. Because the boning starts at the top of the rib cage, it makes the perfect waist cincher to wear over a collared shirt. Give your outfit a finished look with a pair of skinny jeans and a silky duster jacket, the perfect combo for bringing the boudoir into your streetwear style. For larger breasts, this style also allows you to wear it with a separate bra that supports the bust. Pair it with a matching bra and panty set for a put together outfit that accentuates all your sexy curves.

Another option is to wear the underbust corset alone as part of an ultra sexy lingerie ensemble. Make it a complete outfit when you wear it with matching garters and come-hither heels, the classic accessories for irresistible sex appeal. As the final layer of sexiness, wear a satin robe over your lingerie outfit, a pair of kitten heels with feather trim, and get ready for all eyes to lock on you.

Plus Size Corset Tops

Plus size corset tops are a go-to addition to your undergarment drawer because of its versatility. From romantic floral lace and satin bows to decadent mesh and provocative leather and vinyl, indulge every whim and fantasy with ultra sexy plus size corset lingerie. For a sleek and slimming effect, choose a monochromatic shade of cool, classic blue, which brings out the natural glow of your bare skin. Alluring and mysterious black is another must-have for your corset collection because it adds elegance and sophistication to your bedroom look. For a fun and flirty pop of color, show off your voluptuous curves with a plus size corset bra designed with pink striped brocades and black leather.

Plus Size Corset Dress

In a tantalizing combination of traditional sexiness and modern styles inspired by the runway, the plus size corset dress features the traditional style corset but with added details like capped sleeves and skirts made with sheer floral lace and dangerously short hemlines. This style provides more coverage of the hips while revealing bare skin underneath. Pair with a matching thong for a complete outfit that sets the mood for a wild night in the boudoir. Choose from red, the color that symbolizes passion and romance, or navy and beige for a simple, understated look of timeless elegance. We also feature pieces designed with longer hemlines and the classic push-up style bust, a perfect look for highlighting your most flattering assets like irresistible décolletage.

Following the popular outerwear-as-underwear trend, include a plus size corset top in your evening wardrobe and make heads turn with the regal combination of fancy lace brocades and jewel-toned shades like luxurious green and sexy red. Glam it up with plus size corset tops encrusted with rhinestones and silver, glittery fabric and feel sexy and luxurious, whatever the occasion. Keep the look casual by pairing it with your favorite love-worn jeans and a blazer or make it a red carpet affair with a feather boa, come-hither stilettos, and a sexy skirt.

If you’re in the mood to be daring and provocative, plus size corset tops are perfect for commanding attention in the bedroom, especially when you add the element of kink with vinyl details and fishnet cutouts that show off the midriff. Other edgy and provocative styles that bring out your dominatrix are plus size corsets with open cutouts in the bust and matching details along the midsection. Combine it with a matching thong and stockings for the ultimate in high-octane sex appeal.

Like the sexy bombshells of old Hollywood and stars of burlesque, slip into a corset and instantly transform your voluptuous and shapely figure into a dainty and fashionable silhouette that makes you feel like a sexy minx. For large and curvy ladies, Spicy Lingerie features hundreds of plus size corset tops that are also eye-catching as outerwear for a sexy evening look.

How to Care for your Plus Size Corsets

At Spicy Lingerie, many of our plus size corsets have pretty lace brocades and other accents made with delicate fabric. To maintain the shiny and new luster of the adornments on your plus size corset dress or plus size underbust corset, make sure to hand wash with special fabric detergent and lay on a flat surface to dry. This will keep the boning and closures from snagging on other pieces of clothing in the regular laundry; plus, the gentle hand-washing action will help keep its shape for years and years.

Many lingerie experts suggest skipping the handwashing altogether and taking your collection of plus size corsets to the dry cleaners. You can also spot clean your corset with a damp cloth and fabric detergent or stain-removing spray.

With new plus size corsets, it’s important to break them in first before wearing as a lingerie piece or sexy top. If you don’t ‘season’ your corset, it can cause damage to the boning, so make sure to take these simple steps. First, wear your corset for short periods of time, about 60 minutes. When you put on your plus size underbust corset or another style, don’t overtighten the lace-up straps; just pull it snugly. After another hour, try tightening the corset by redoing the lacing. Repeat these steps for several days and your plus size corset will be ready for the boudoir!

When you’re finished wearing your plus size corset dress or another popular style, drape it over a chair so that it can air out between uses. To keep it looking and feeling fresh, you can also extend its wearability by spritzing it with fabric freshener. Then, transfer to the closet and hang it on a hanger with a plastic covering over it, which will keep your plus size corsets looking new and pristine. Never store your corset until it is fully dry and if drying outside, keep it out of the sunlight, which can damage the colors of the fabric.  

How to Wear Plus Size Corsets

Just like fitting a push-up bra or negligee, putting on your corset properly makes a big difference in its fit and comfort. First of all, before putting on plus size corsets, make sure that the lacing is fully loose, which will protect the front busk. Also, in order to protect plus size corsets from natural oils, we recommend wearing a corset lining such as a tank top or cami underneath.

Start by wrapping the corset loosely around you and lining up both sides of the busk, which is the pair of metal plates on the the front. Next, start lacing the ribbons at the top until reaching the middle of the corset. Then, begin lacing up from the bottom until all the laces are pulled snugly. It should feel like you are being tightly hugged. Finally, tie the extra lacing at the bottom into a pretty bow and enjoying wearing your favorite plus size corsets.

Buy Plus Size Corset Lingerie

Founded in 2003, Spicy Lingerie offers a large selection of plus size corsets at everyday discounted prices. Over the years, we’ve been committed to fostering strong relationships with top brands and merchandisers so that we can pass along those savings to our customers. We also feature new arrivals, super cheap steals under $20, free gifts, free shipping, and much more. Not only do we feature one of the largest selections of plus size lingerie on the web, but we are also dedicated to offering excellent customer service that enhances your online shopping experience. Shop Spicy Lingerie today, the top name in high octane sexy!

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