High Heels & Boots

Match your heels and boots to your lingerie. Browse thousands of sexy shoes, boots, and heels to match your lingerie set.


Sexy shoes are an essential component for completing your ultra seductive lingerie ensemble and at Spicy Lingerie, we offer hundreds of different styles of high heels, boots, and costume shoes for every style and occasion. Your sexy teddy or corset might be ravishing to begin with, but when you finish the look with a pair of come-hither heels or boots, it instantly gives your lingerie a boost of sexiness with its lifting effects and power strut. So, strap into your sexiest lingerie and fill your lover with desire in heels that are off the Richter scale of sexy.


We also feature a large collection of boots, including sexy thigh highs, chunky go-go boots, and Victorian-style costume boots. Turn up the heat in the bedroom by pairing these striking black heels with corsets, bustiers, and sexy mini dresses for a lingerie look of classic seduction. For a retro-glam bedroom style, play out a steamy love scene straight out of the pages of an 18th-century romance novel when you combine a corset adorned with fancy rose brocades and sexy shoes inspired by the Victorian era. The extra laces might require effort in the dressing room, but it only heightens the anticipation even more while the intricate details give your look a hint of subtle decoration.


Depending on your lingerie du jour, the Spicy Lingerie collection of sexy shoes includes hundreds of different styles, from sweet and romantic to modern and edgy. An effortless way to find the perfect sexy shoes for each outfit in your wardrobe is to look for matching accents like satin bows, lace, or rhinestones. For a touch of tough-girl glam, get ready to fall head over heels with sexy shoes in black patent leather and zipper detail.

Our collection of lingerie heels also includes a vampy update on classic styles such as saddle shoes with stiletto pumps and glittery retro boots. If you're in the mood to unleash your wild side, bring attention to sexy legs with stiletto pumps in animal prints ranging from cheetah to snakeskin.


When it comes to high fashion, lingerie and heels go together like peanut butter and jelly, which is why we feature hundreds of different styles in our vast collection of sexy bedroom shoes. If you want to command attention everywhere you go, include a rotation of slutty shoes in your wardrobe and always be ready to step out in style. For a look that is out of this world sexy, make your outfit really pop with stiletto heels in glowing neon colors or sexy bejeweled rhinestones.


Strap in for a wild ride in gladiator-style lace-up shoes that provide coverage of the legs, another must-have for your collection of lingerie boots/shoes. For sexy shoes with a modern touch, slip into a style adorned with black netting and command attention with every step you take. For effortless mix and match potential, choose from classic shades like black or white, or make a bold fashion statement in two-toned shades.


When it comes to choosing the perfect sexy shoes to compliment your look, it's all about balance. While you want your lingerie heels to match your outfit, you also don't want your pair of sexy womens shoes to overwhelm the look. If your outfit is monochromatic and adorned with trim and a harmonizing shade, look for sexy heels in a similar color as the accents, which will make your style pop instead of getting washed out. The same rule applies to other accessories like a clutch or feather boa in a matching color, which keeps your look balanced by framing the outfit from top to bottom.

If your lingerie outfit is decadent black, complete the look with matching high heels adorned with delicate and stylish ankle straps, a super cute detail for dainty feet. Another chic option is choosing heels in a color that doesn't match perfectly but complements your lingerie with a similar accent shade. For example, if your lingerie is black with red trim, make your look stand out with lingerie shoes that match the lovely details of your sexy outfit.

At Spicy Lingerie, we feature sexy women's shoes that range from 2-in heels to 8-in stilettos in a wide variety of styles and colors. Put the finishing touches on glamorous evening wear, casual daytime looks, and your favorite fantasy lingerie ensemble with a collection of sexy high heels for every outfit and occasion.


A stylish and sophisticated wardrobe isn't complete without a collection of sexy high heel shoes. Whatever the occasion, make it extra special when you complete your look with sexy heels, the most important accessory for showing off gorgeous legs and giving you a sultry strut. Like stunning jewelry for the feet, a pretty pair of heels is an excellent way to instantly boost your confidence, especially when you see how it lifts your figure and accentuates your lingerie or evening wear.

If you're in the mood to unleash your inner sex kitten, make your lover purr with passion by pairing bold animal prints with ravishing ostrich feather kitten heels. A cute and flirty style of sexy high heel shoes, the kitten heel is easier to walk in with its 2-in height but still gives your sexy silhouette a perky lift. Choose from classic closed-toed mules or show off your gorgeous pedicure with an open-toe ankle strap sandal. Put the finishing touches on an ultra-glam evening outfit when you add a clutch in a complementary shade. An elegant way to dress up the classic little black dress is with sexy heels in glittery gold or silver. In contrast to striking and alluring power black, the hint of sparkle makes the shoes stand out, bringing the focus to your ravishing legs.

If it's time to get down to business, be a shark in a power suit with a pair of classic black pumps, a wardrobe staple that is perfect for styling your favorite suits and business dresses. This basic style also pairs well with casual and rugged 80s looks when you play up contrasts with a distressed pair of denim such as a mini skirt or cut-offs.


Sexy high heels put the essential finishing touches on any outfit. When you choose styles in dreamy and angelic white, it brings you closer to heaven, particularly in the boudoir. Our collection of sexy heels also includes costume shoes, a fun and fantastical way to complete your favorite Halloween ensemble. At Spicy Lingerie, we feature hundreds of styles ranging from 20's glam kitten heels to vintage-inspired boots and much more. If scholastic naughtiness is your latest bedroom theme, our sexy saddle shoes go perfectly with the naughty schoolgirl uniform. With a signature black and white design, these sexy heels are sure to cause a stir in the classroom of desire.

At Spicy Lingerie, we also feature an all-new selection of sexy shoes that offer the best in style and comfort. Choose from a selection of ballet flats, which range from sleek and understated black vegan leather to sparkly silver rhinestones. For a touch of retro charm, have fun in your new dancing shoes: ballet flats adorned with black and white wingtips and a flirty ankle strap. For a style that's full-on attitude, make a statement in black ballet flats with silver studs. Or, keep it cute and flirty with ankle straps adorned with bow ties.

Marilyn Monroe once said, "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." The magic of this sentiment is that the right sexy heels can give you a confident allure that makes you the focus of attention. Sexy shoes also give you a powerful strut that makes heads turn when you walk into a room. The higher the height of your sexy pumps, the closer you are to heaven. On a more practical level, it also lifts your derriere for an even sexier silhouette.

The wonderful thing about sexy pumps is their versatility; they go with everything, from dressing up casual garments like jeans and a T-shirt to accenting dresses and skirts. Your choice of sexy shoes comes down to several factors: comfort and style. First, decide how well you can comfortably walk in them and for how long. If you won't be walking that much, you have the option to bring on the drama with super high stiletto heels, which provide a major increase in your height and stature. The higher the heel, the more pronounced your strut will be, which makes your outfit even sexier. If you are lounging at home, a cute style that gives you a subtle amount of lift is the slip-on heel, which can be worn with a silky satin robe and your favorite matching bra and panty set.

Spicy Lingerie also features a selection of classic sexy pumps in a range of colors, including iconic black, dreamy white, bold and sexy red, and much more. Whether your outfit is casual, glamorous, or ultra-sexy, you'll find every style of sexy shoes for each outfit in your wardrobe.

Finding the right size of sexy heels is easy at Spicy Lingerie. Choose from a selection of sizes from 5 to 10. The simplest way to choose the best fit is by matching the same size with a similar style of heel that fits you perfectly. For closed heel and toe styles, we recommend adding a soft and cushy insole, which will give you a snug and secure fit that won't allow the shoes to rub on the sides of your feet. The insole also gives you a comfortable walk when you add them to high heel boots, which can add more pressure to sensitive areas of your feet. With slip-on styles, you have a little more leeway with the size since it doesn't need to be an exact fit.

Featuring one of the largest selections of fantasy lingerie, sexy heels, boots, and more, Spicy Lingerie is the premier destination for the hottest and most inexpensive styles on the web. When you step into high heels and boots this sexy, get ready to set the night on fire as you strut your way to the boudoir and show off your best assets. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and adorn yourself in the accouterments of unbridled passion!