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High Heels & Boots

Match your heels and boots to your lingerie. Browse thousands of sexy shoes, boots, and heels to match your lingerie set.

Sexy High Heel Boots

For lingerie that pushes the envelope of bedroom naughtiness, complement the look with high heel boots that are out-of-this-world sexy like chunky seven-inch platform heels with strap detail. The platform gives you solid and even footing that is secure and comfortable with every step. The height of this style boot also gives you an incredible amount of lift and support, an effect that takes the power strut to a whole new level.

If your outfit is full on glamorous, go for a bold style like glittered platform heels with an open toe and fringe accents for a sexy sense of movement. When you have an extraordinary outfit, it requires a stand out style that will make heads turn with every step.

At Spicy Lingerie, we also feature a collection of sexy boots that can be worn as part of a lingerie outfit or with everyday street wear. A versatile style with lots of mix and match potential is the ankle boot, the perfect look for showing off sexy legs and an equally sexy pair of stockings to finish the look.

What to Wear with Your High Heel Boots

A coordinated pair of stockings is essential for pairing with your high heel boots.  Finish your silhouette with sheer stockings, a must-have accessory that provides a breathable layer of comfort on your feet and just the right amount of coverage for your legs. The sheer, stretchy fabric helps to smoothen bare skin, giving you a flawless look that highlights your sexy legs.

If your lingerie is designed with multiple colors, keep the look balanced by choosing stockings that match with the accent colors. This way, the look isn’t overwhelmed by too much of the same color. For sexy boots made with edgy leather, keep the devil-may-care vibe going strong with a pair of fishnet stockings, the quintessential punk luxe style.

Any type of stocking pairs wells with sexy thigh high boots, a red-hot sexy look that helps anchor your bedroom silhouette. Look for chunky styles like the stiletto platform boot, which gives you the maximum amount of lift. The thigh high cut also gives your calves a shapely and seductive effect.

For modern and daring lingerie styles, complement the look with coordinating accessories like thigh high heels in black and fishnet stockings. At Spicy Lingerie, our hosiery collection includes fashion forward styles with bold patterns and detailing, a fun and playful way to give your style a lot of attitude. For petite figures, intricate looking stockings help to create the illusion of volume and stature while also providing adequate coverage of the legs.

Along with a collection of sexy boots, Spicy Lingerie also features costume hosiery that is designed for pairing with playful and quirky costume shoes. From cute and flirty hearts to edgy fishnets and sporty knee-highs, Spicy Lingerie has everything you need for complementing a pair of high heel boots.

At Spicy Lingerie, we feature the hottest style boots of the season, which are available in a variety of colors to match any outfit. Choose from sleek and sophisticated black, eye-catching white, in-your-face red, and much more.

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