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School Girl Costumes

Get ready for some attention, or even detention when you are wearing on of Spicy Lingerie's sexy school girl costumes!

School Girl Costumes

The school girl costume is an irresistible combination of innocence and naughtiness, which is why it will always be a sexy look. At Spicy Lingerie, our fantasy costume collection includes many different variations of the sexy schoolgirl, the ultimate look for getting an A+ in sexiness.

When you wear the iconic red plaid skirt and white button-up blouse, get ready for a classic bedroom tale of good girl gone bad. Be prepared for detention in a school girl costume that dares to bare with ultrashort hemlines and skimpy style tops. You might be flunking algebra, but when you wear a tempting mini-skirt, a push-up bra top, and school girl accessories like garter belts and girly bows, you'll definitely get all A's in the subject of sexiness. 

Shop Our Sexy School Girl Outfits

If you want to get a gold star in sex appeal, slip into a sexy and seductive school girl costume and make heads turn in the boudoir. When you spice up your lingerie drawer with the traditional red plaid mini skirt and cropped tops, you'll be sure to get extra credit in the bedroom. For an even naughtier look, our collection also includes a schoolgirl style with edgy leather detail and eye-catching colors.

Be the teacher's pet in the classroom of love with a sexy school girl costume that shows off even more skin with a red-hot bra and garter set. This super skimpy twist on the classic school girl outfit gets the top grade in seduction. If you want to make the honor roll for style, finish the look with matching thigh highs and a push-up bra.

If you want to be the sexiest student in the class of sex appeal, slip into a negligee that dares to bare such as a one-piece teddy in red plaid, the essential detail for the naughty school girl fantasy. Another sexy schoolgirl outfit is the adorkable dweeb, which includes a sexy school girl outfit and black-rimmed glasses, everything you need to talk nerdy to your lover. For the Goth girls, be the queen bee of the hallway with a sexy schoolgirl costume that merges the retro appeal of the black corset with a super short red plaid skirt and white thigh highs. This classic style of lingerie helps to shape the torso by cinching in the waist and lifting the bust for maximum cleavage. The structured boning on the bodice also creates the illusion of a curvy and voluptuous hourglass figure. 

Naughty School Girl Outfit

For a private lesson in seduction, head to the boudoir for Sexiness 101, which starts with a  striptease that exposes your sexiest features. When you layer your sexy school girl outfit with different looks, you'll have more opportunities to strip off each piece of clothing in a tantalizing and irresistible fashion. For the top layer, start off in a demure plaid skirt with a classy pencil cut, which can be paired with garters and a skimpy teddy underneath. The garters will help hold up the thigh highs while also highlighting your sexy upper thighs.

Be ready to assume the position of the frisky freshman when you ditch the traditional skirt and collared shirt for a seductive triangle top that just barely covers the nips. Pair it with an equally skimpy bikini thong bottom and vinyl thigh highs for a touch of kinkiness.

At Spicy Lingerie, we make it easy for you to be the valedictorian of sex appeal. The sexy school girl costume sets the mood for an education in passion and seduction, especially with short hemlines and plaid thong panties underneath.

Whether it's for Halloween or role-playing fun in the boudoir, the school girl style can also be a couple's costume when your lover dresses like a teacher or principal. With hundreds of different costumes to choose from, Spicy Lingerie has the perfect looks for making the grade in between the sheets.

If you want extra credit for naughtiness, Spicy Lingerie also features a selection of sinful accouterments like handcuffs and satin ribbons for an exciting bondage scenario. We also carry blindfolds, feather ticklers, and much more. Be the sexiest student in class when you finish the school girl outfit with heels and stockings in a complementary color. Suspenders are another cute and flirty accessory for your sexy school girl outfit. They can be easily attached to your skirt to highlight the outline of your sexy chest.

Finding the perfect size school girl costume is easy with our sizing chart, which lists the corresponding measurements with sizes small to large.

Shop for a sexy schoolgirl costume at Spicy Lingerie and find everything you need to make all A's in the game of seduction. Be a naughty school girl in the bedroom and drive your lover wild with super sexy looks that always command attention.

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