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Maid Costumes

Sexy french maid costumes will bring good, clean, well maybe not so clean, fun to any Halloween party. Fast shipping and high quality with all Spicy Lingerie's Costumes.

Maid Outfit

Thanks to the American burlesque stage at the turn of the century, the French maid costume has reached icon status in the world of fantasy lingerie, making it a major character for role-playing fun in the bedroom. A scantily clad version of the standard black and white uniform, the ultra short silhouette, fishnet stockings and heels of the French maid costume has become a legend of sex appeal that's here to stay. Whether it's for Halloween or a sexy night in the boudoir, slip into a sexy maid outfit and instantly transform into a coquettish and flirty French maid that's ready to do some light dusting and so much more. Ooh la la!

Sexy Maid Costume

For a retro look straight from the burlesque stage, the classic French maid outfit features a fun and flirtatious ruffled skirt that shows off sexy legs, especially when your dusting and cleaning the house. But with the added touch of fishnet stockings and heels, you won't be dusting for long when you strut across the living room in a seductive French maid outfit. The fit and flair skirt looks flattering on any body type, including voluptuous and curvy figures because it provides coverage of the hips while slimming the waist. For petite body types, the short skirt creates an elongating effect and the cute ruffles gives the illusion of volume and stature.

French Maid Costume

Keep things dirty in the bedroom with a sexy maid costume designed to accentuate your best features. For a more relaxed fit, look for tops with molded cups, which lift and support the bust to show off your sexy décolletage. Choose maid lingerie with lace-up detailing, which helps slim the waist for an ultra sexy hourglass silhouette. Our collection of French maid lingerie also incorporates the hottest styles of fantasy undergarments, including the corset, the ultimate in vintage glam. The acrylic boning and underwire gives your silhouette a shapely effect for a flawless look that is se magnifique!

Feeling extra naughty this evening? You'll love our collection of French maid lingerie that pushes the boundaries in the boudoir. Get ready for even more dirtiness in between the sheets when you slip into a sexy French maid costume that plays up your figure, like the sinful and seductive one piece teddy, which features a plunging neckline and white and black lace accents that represent the sexy French maid costume and its everlasting allure.

Choose from styles that reveal lots of bare skin or a French maid Halloween costume with a body-hugging profile that slims and smoothens the figure with an overdose of sleek and sophisticated floral lace details. For a more traditional lingerie outfit, look for French maid garter sets, which feature matching top and bottoms with white and black adornments, plus a few extra bells and whistles for good measure.

How to Find the Perfect Size Maid Costume

At Spicy Lingerie, our collection of maid costumes are made with stretchy knits that have lots of give, making them easy to fit on any body type. The maid costume comes in a range of sizes from xs to xl. If you need help finding your size, our easy to use size chart lists the corresponding sizes of your waist, bust, and hips measurements. The equivalent dress is also listed for your convenience. Another way to choose a naughty maid costume with the perfect fit is by picking the same size as your best-fitting lingerie.

How to Care for Your Maid Costume

Our naughty maid costumes are made with delicate fabrics that are popular in the lingerie world such as silky satin, luscious lace, and sinful nylon. These types of fabrics should always be hand washed and air-dried to avoid any rips or tears due to the heat of the dryer and a normal spin cycle. A gentle fabric detergent should also be used in order to maintain the colors of the costume. A maid costume could also get tangled up in regular laundry, especially with the many hooks and closures of negligees, bras, and the like.

Once your naughty maid costume has been carefully laundered, keep it looking sexy and unwrinkled by hanging it in your closet until you’re ready for some dusting (and other sinful pleasures) in the bedroom. If your maid costume has lots of ruffles, keeping it on a hanger will also help keep its voluminous shape.

Accessories for Your Naughty Maid Outfit

At Spicy Lingerie, we have everything you need for accentuating your sexy maid costume, including handcuffs, silk tie restraints, and blindfolds. A feather tickler is another fun addition to your collection of accouterments for sexiness in between the sheets. We also feature an extensive selection of detachable garter belts, which can add a seductive sex appeal to any maid costume. Put the finishing touches on your naughty maid silhouette with matching stockings designed with a range of trim, from silky satin bows to decadent lace and much more.

For a complete transformation from your everyday look, a wig is another must-have accessory. At Spicy Lingerie, we have everything you need for the ultimate maid fantasy, including an exclusive range of wigs from vampy and romantic to modern and out-of-this-world. With so many options for accessorizing your maid costume, Spicy Lingerie gives you the chance to personalize your naughty maid getup and make it unique to your bedroom persona.

Another way to level up your maid costume is with sexy layers from top to bottom, including ultra skimpy pasties worn underneath. When you walk into the room in a maid costume, you can drive your lover wild with a striptease as you take off each seductive layer. The more you have to take off, the more it heightens the anticipation, which is the secret to mastering the game of seduction.

Shop Spicy Lingerie today and head to the parlor for some good, not-so-clean fun with your lover. Bonjour ma belle!

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