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Cowgirl & Indian Costumes

Rope 'em in and go Hog Wild with these Sexy Cowgirl Costumes this Halloween. Saddle up and take a ride on your horse with our sexy cowgirl costumes! Let our sexy cowgirl costumes show off your dirty side and round up at the rodeo!

Cowgirl and Indian Costumes

Howdy partner! It’s time to strap into a sexy cowgirl costume and lasso your lover into the corral of your passionate heart. At Spicy Lingerie, you’ll find an extensive collection of sexy cowgirl regalia that’s perfect for going out in a blaze of glory. With stylish fringe benefits, gun holsters, and lots of leather, get back in the saddle with ultra sexy costumes specially designed to spice up your love life. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and be the sexiest cowgirl at the rodeo!

Sexy Cowgirl Costumes

Put on a cowboy hat and a sheriff’s badge and take the laws of attraction into your own hands with a complete sexy cowgirl costume. If you’re the law of the land, take command of the Wild West with a leather lace-up waist cincher and lots of fringe detail. For a fun role-playing adventure in the boudoir, get your bedroom thrills by playing a spicy role as a desperado, complete with a cowboy costume that shows some skin and reveals your naughty side. With a large selection of fun and flirtatious cowgirl outfits, channel your inner Annie Oakley and make your bedroom encounters as legendary as the Wild West itself. Strap on a bandana, lace up your boots, and head to the saloon because it’s time to for an epic shoot out in the name of love!

Sexy Indian Costumes

Show your lover that you’re ready to bury the hatchet in a sexy Indian costume that shows off your wild, native side. For a fun and flirty tribal look, be a savage in the bedroom with short hemlines, lusty leather, and lots of fringe detail. Be a hunter and gatherer for love as the Indian princess ready for the ceremonial drum circle in cute headdresses adorned with feathers. Just add war paint and long, luscious Pocahontas style locks and make your John Smith fall madly in love.

A sexy Indian Halloween costume is also a fun way to channel your seductive tribal temptress persona borrowed from the legendary tales of Pocahontas and John Smith and their forbidden love affair. Like a lost Indian princess searching for the prince of the night, strap into a naughty native costume and make the evening magical when you whisk your lover away to the Wild West.

When you stumble into town among the dusty tumbleweeds, take your lover by surprise in a sultry Western sheriff costume paired with a skimpy halter top that shows off sexy cleavage and an armed and dangerously bare midriff. Add a vest and fringed chaps for a wild night of passion at the rodeo.

When it comes to role-playing fun in the Wild West, Spicy Lingerie is your rustic and rowdy headquarters for cute and flirty costumes that show off your wild side. With cowgirl and Indian costumes this sexy, make the west even wilder with dangerously sexy looks added to your lingerie collection. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and get ready for the hoedown over yonder! Yeehaw! 

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