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Men's Thongs & Boxers

Choose your favorite style and express your sexuality. Wearing Thongs is a great way to add a little excitement to the bedroom!


Choose your favorite style and express your sexuality. Wearing Thongs is a great way to add a little excitement to the bedroom!


In the world of lingerie, it's not just the ladies that get to have all the fun. Along with ravishing and luxurious confections like negligees, corsets, and more, Spicy Lingerie also features a collection of sexy men's underwear. Choose from a range of thongs and boxer briefs, from cute and flirty to comfy and basic. You'll also find a selection of super sexy thongs that push the boundaries of naughtiness in the bedroom. When it comes to fantasies and sexy scenarios with your lover, it all starts with the outfit. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and get ready to discover your most sexy and confident self.


At Spicy Lingerie, swoon over skimpy men's thongs in a rainbow of colors, bold patterns, and styles. Show off your abs in a bright yellow thong, a cheerful and sporty take on the sexy men's thong. Another trendy look in men's thong wear is the bikini brief in sexy laser mesh. For a thong that's even kinkier, you'll love a pair of fishnet shorts, a provocative update on the modern men's thong. If you want to highlight your ripped midsection, the come-hither thong with suspender details is a sexy way to set the mood for naughtiness in the bedroom. This edgy style thong will also command attention when you're performing a seductive striptease.

Spicy Lingerie's thong underwear collection also comes in silver for a touch of sparkle. Go ahead and feel sexy every day of the week when you stock your underwear drawer with different patterns and colors, from bold and flirty animal prints to eye-catching pastels and vampy fabrics.


When you have a rotation of men boxer thongs and briefs, you'll have everything at your fingertips for both comfort and sexiness. Sex appeal is all about confidence, and a men's thong from Spicy Lingerie is just what you need to command attention in the boudoir.

When shopping for men's sexy thongs, it's important to choose the best style that fits your unique personality and lifestyle. We recommend choosing a men's thong that instantly appeals to you and your needs, whether it's a comfy boxer thong, thong panties for men for a touch of kink--or both! If you're looking for men's sexiest underwear, it all depends on your definition of sex appeal. For some guys, all they need is a pair of sexy men's boxers and chiseled abs. But sometimes special occasions call for edgier outfits like crotchless men's underwear in different colors, the ultimate style for easy access.


A wardrobe staple for every guy's underwear drawer, a men's thong collection will give you tons of mix and match potential. Men's briefs in stretchy cotton knits can be worn under everyday outfits or as a standalone piece when you're in a sexy mood. Feel like a king when you pair Men's boxer briefs with lounge pants and a matching robe.


Whatever your men's thong du jour, Spicy Lingerie has it all: best men's thongs for celebrations of wedded bliss, men's boxer shorts for everyday comfort, along with men's pouch thongs and men's thong panties when you're feeling extra naughty. If you're looking to revamp your underwear drawer, we've got the ultimate men boxer collection for any and all occasions! Your best bet is to choose your favorite looks for daily wear and also intimate moments when you want to impress your lover.

For more coverage, Spicy Lingerie also features a selection of boxer briefs, including the sleek and relaxed lounge boxer in black satin for a touch of luxe. If you're in a frisky mood, spice up your bedroom style with kinky vinyl boxer shorts that outline your best features with a wet and glossy finish. For a thong that shows your playful side, the tuxedo boxer briefs have lots of stretch for a comfortable fit and a black-tie style that is both adorable and sexy. Boxers can also be charming and flirty with bows and ribbons. Or wear thongs with additional straps and buckles, a look that shows you mean business in the boudoir.


Many of the thongs and boxer briefs at Spicy Lingerie are made with stretchy fabric that gives it easy on/off action and lots of comfortable movement; the stretchy cotton fits easily on any body shape. Slip one on and get ready to show off every glistening curve of your chiseled muscles. Men's thongs range in size from sm/m to l/xl. To find your size, simply refer to our sizing sheet, which lists the corresponding waist measurements for sizes small to xl.

If you're looking for a men's thong store, Spicy Lingerie has everything you need to feel confident, sexy, and oh-so-comfortable.

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