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Plus Size Garters

Plus Size Garter Belt - We offer the best prices on sexy plus size garter belts and garter belt stocking sets online. Shop our plus size garter belts now!

Plus Size Garter Belt

Dating back to the 14th century, the garter belt was first introduced to the world of lingerie as a way for ladies to attach stockings to their corsets. By the 1920s, shorter waistlines made garters a necessity for discreetly holding up stockings. Often made with satin, silk, or lace ribbon, the garter belt allowed women more freedom with its simple design that included a belt around the waist, which replaced the constraining corset or girdle that frames the entire torso.

Today, the plus size garter belt is a classic style that evokes the iconic image of the old-fashioned pin-up girl or burlesque vixen. Show off your voluptuous curves with ultra sexy styles from the plus size garter collection at Spicy Lingerie. Merging the best of modern design and classic elegance, Spicy Lingerie features the hottest styles of fantasy undergarments, including the garter belt, which has reached legendary status in the world of lingerie.

A great way to accentuate alluring legs on a shapely figure is with a garter belt from our plus size collection. For a flirty and romantic bedroom look, put a flutter in your lover’s heart by adding garters with elegant black lace, matching panties, and fishnets to your sexy outfit. It’s also perfect for pairing with your favorite matching negligee and push-up bra, which adds even more sumptuous layers of luscious fabric for your lover to take off. Choose from a ravishing selection of satin shades, including sinful black and grey, innocent white, and vixen red.

When it comes to celebrating your first night of wedded bliss, the plus size wedding garter is the icing on the cake. Whether it comes off or stays on, this small piece of fabric will be the most cherished item in your lingerie collection. With moments this momentous, make the memories count with garters made from the most luxurious details, including shimmery satin, decadent lace, and romantic bows.

Plus Size Garter Belt Set

This season, spice up your love life with a plus size garter belt set from our extensive collection of fantasy lingerie. Featured in a variety of delicious styles and flavors, a plus size garter set is a must-have piece for a spicy undergarment wardrobe. Make your lingerie ensemble complete with our sexy sets that come with a matching negligee such as a lace-trimmed crop top for showing off a sexy midriff or a flirtatious garter set adorned with fun and flirty ruffles.

Feeling extra sinful? Slip into a black satin garter set and add a dash of glamour to your bedroom look with rhinestone details and edgy zipper adornments. Another trendy style borrowed from the runway is garter sets with strappy edges, a sexy way to tease your lover with delicate straps of barely there satin.

Whatever the occasion, slip into something sexy and get ready to enter a fantasy world of passion and romance. Shop Spicy Lingerie today and instantly transform your everyday style by adding a come-hither garter belt to your lingerie ensemble.

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