Popular Halloween Costumes From the Last Decade

Posted by Spicy Lingerie on Oct 15th 2019

Popular Halloween Costumes From the Last Decade

Popular Halloween Costumes From the Last Decade 

If you need inspiration for Halloween get-ups, here are the most 'boo-tiful' and popular costumes of the last decade: 







  • Buzz Lightyear--Following the release of Toy Story 3, this costume was a big hit.  
  • Harry Potter--Superfans celebrated the first installment of the hit franchise with costumes depicting their favorite fantastical wizards. 
  • Mad Hatter--The live-action remake of Alice in Wonderland made a big impression on audiences, making the Mad Hatter a popular costume. 



  • Angry Birds--The fun and highly addictive game of birds fighting pigs became a cultural phenomenon and a popular Halloween costume.  
  • Black Swan--After winning an Oscar in February 2011, the 2010 movie was still on people’s minds, making the macabre ballerina costume a major hit for Halloween.  
  • Charlie Sheen--After a highly publicized meltdown, this troubled celebrity became a popular subject for satirical costumes.  



  • Captain America--The blockbuster franchise started a major trend with Halloween costumes depicting the iconic Marvel superhero. 
  • Katniss from Hunger Games--Everybody loves a strong female character, especially when it involves a modern update on archery.  
  • Black Widow--A strong female character in the Marvel Universe, this superhero costume was the perfect outfit for channeling bravery.



  • Miley Cyrus--Following her jaw-dropping VMA performance the same year, the pop star’s wacky look became a popular Halloween costume. 
  • Minions--The adorable little cartoons became the stars of the most popular movie of the year, Minions, making it a popular costume for both kids and adults. 



  • Daenerys Targaryen--For Game of Thrones fans, the fantastical outfit of the powerful queen was a huge costume trend.  
  • Maleficent--The perfect costume for a sexy and evil look, this Disney villain was a popular Halloween look. 



  • The Hulk--For Marvel fans, this trendy costume gave them the chance to show off those iconic green muscles.  
  • Cinderella--The live-action remake of the classic fairytale made this princess costume popular again.  



  • Donald Trump--Controversial figures are always fun costumes, and with the upcoming election the same year, Trump was a trendy choice. 
  • Harley Quinn--With her skimpy and sexy version of varsity cool, the Joker’s sidekick became the most popular costume of the year. 



  • Wonder Woman--A sexy outfit with gladiator-style sandals, this costume was a big trend following the release of the hit DC Comics movie. 
  • Eleven from Stranger Things--A throwback to early 80s fashion, this costume was a favorite choice for fans of the hit show. 



  • Spider-Man--Marvel fans showed their love of this iconic superhero with head-to-toe red spandex.
  • Tonya Harding--After the biopic was released, the disgraced Olympic figure skater became one of the trendiest costumes of the year.  
  • Black Panther--A record-breaking action movie, Black Panther cosplay was a major Halloween trend.  



  • The Joker--Depicting the dark and twisted villain of the Marvel Universe, this costume is expected to be a favorite pick for Halloween this year.  
  • Agent H & Agent M from Men in Black: International--Be a knight in shining Armani when you dress as the alien-fighting characters from the hit blockbuster franchise. 


This Halloween, get ready to look 'spooktacular' in the trendiest costumes of 2019 and the past decade.