How to Turn Any Halloween Costume into a Sultry Outfit

Posted by Spicy Lingerie on Jun 1st 2022

How to Turn Any Halloween Costume into a Sultry Outfit

This Halloween, have fun discovering playful side with costumes that unleash your wild side. When it comes to dialing up the heat, go big and bold with a few seductive, in-your-face details that will take you from basic to high octane sexy in an instant. Trick or treat, baby!

Short and Flirty Hemlines

Whether you’re dressing up as a nurse, vampire, pirate, or sailor, up the ante on sexiness with any Halloween costume by adding exposed garter belts that draw the eyes towards the legs, which creates an elongated effect. In a decadent throwback to classic lingerie styles, garters add an alluring element to your ensemble, especially when you choose a color that matches the theme of your costume and the exposed trim of a voluptuous matching push up bra.

Tops With Plunging Necklines

A skimpy style top is perfect for showing off alluring décolletage with the help of a well-fitted push-up bra. Choose a style with demi-cups so your stunning cleavage makes a sexy impact. A barely-there neckline also reveals irresistible lace trim from the exposed bra, another lovely detail that adds an extra layer of sultriness. If your costume includes a button-up shirt, make it super sexy in an instant by unbuttoning the top to expose a glimpse of luxurious lingerie underneath.

Sexy Zombie

Perfect for a macabre style costume theme, the sexy zombie is a versatile outfit that can be used for many different looks, such as zombie princess, zombie bride, and zombie vampire. But don’t stop there. Any costume can be easily zombie-fied with a few simple techniques. Using a dress style with a body-hugging silhouette, short hemline, and a low cut top, create large slashes throughout the frock, which will expose your sexy undergarments underneath. Add a few ultra sexy accessories like garters, fishnets, and come-hither heels and look drop dead gorgeous as the hottest zombie at the party.

Corset Pinup Ghoul

Iconized in the fashion world by pin up girls and red carpet stars, the corset adds a whole other element of sexy to any Halloween costume with its seductive hourglass effect and dramatic lifting of the breasts. Choose a black corset with fancy brocades to spice up your vampire costume or a tan leather corset for a sassy cowgirl outfit. You could also wear a white corset to be an angel or red for the devil. With this classic and versatile undergarment, there are tons of options for ramping up the sex appeal and making your costume stand out among the crowd.

Now that you have your sassy and seductive Halloween outfit put together, it’s time to make the look even sexier with a few bold accessories. Look for fishnets, long wigs with big curls, and bright makeup for a pop of color. With a few added details and essential accouterment, get ready to be the most “boo-tiful” Halloween vixen in the pumpkin patch.