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Corsets & Bustiers

Shop our collection of corsets and bustiers! Take your pick from dozens of trendy prints and luxe styles. We carry classy, sexy, high quality corsets with variety styles and solor.

Corsets and Bustiers

When a woman puts on a corset or bustier, she has the power to feel instantly sexy and feminine by transforming her shape into the ultra glamorous hourglass figure iconized by famous pin up girls. With nearly a thousand different styles of corsets and bustiers, Spicy Lingerie offers women a variety of discounted corset lingerie not found anywhere else. With our extensive collection of lingerie, including over 15,000 styles, get ready to take your lover to a fantasy world of seduction and thrills.

How to Pick the Perfect Size Corset

Contrary to popular misconceptions, a properly fitted corset can actually provide back support with its stiff backing made of steel or acrylics. Choosing the right size is simple. Sizing for Spicy Lingerie’s collection is based on a size chart, which lists sizes xs-xl that corresponds to bust, waist, and hips, and equivalent bust size. It also includes plus sizes 1/2x-6x.

If you;re shopping for a corset, most styles are based off your bust, so we recommend sizing based on your bra size. However, there are some corsets that run small, which in that case, it’s best to choose a size bigger. If you’re still not sure, our expert customer service reps are happy to answer any questions by phone, live chat, or email.

How to Wear Corsets and Bustiers

Whether it’s used as sexy outerwear or to be seen in the bedroom, corsets are meant to push up the breasts and show off décolletage while shaping the waist to the fashionable hourglass with its waist reduction effects. Before putting on a lace up corset, lace it up loosely in the back. Then, have it tightened so that the corset follows the bustline and falls just below the hip.

Slightly different than corsets, bustier lingerie is meant to accentuate the breasts by offering a lift of support while flattening the stomach. Typically ending at the waist, some bustiers fall under the bust or at the hips. Not only does it enhance a woman’s shape, the lace overlays and fancy brocades can be paired with jeans for a sexy and stylish night out.

Browse Our Lace Up Corsets and More

As soon as you step into a sexy lace corset, you leave the ordinary world behind for a thrilling night of passion and romance. At Spicy Lingerie, you’ll find a collection of classic style corsets made of decadent lace, lavish brocades, and mesh overlays. If you’re ready to unleash your inner sex kitten, we also feature more edgy designs made with faux leather, strappy details, and bold animal prints.

Whether you’re looking for a naughty gift for a special anniversary, bachelorette party, or other special occasion, Spicy Lingerie’s extensive collection of top quality lingerie offers a large selection of every style you can imagine. Our prices are always the cheapest on the web, so you can spice up the bedroom without spending a small fortune. Shop our ravishing collection today and get ready to drive your lover wild!