How the Corset is Making Its Impression on Millennium Fashion

Posted by Spicy Lingerie on Jun 1st 2022

How the Corset is Making Its Impression on Millennium Fashion

Today's fashion world is an exciting mash-up of vintage-inspired outfits that borrow from a wide range of time periods. Forget #TBT. For style-conscious millennials, every day is a throwback. The look of the moment? An eclectic mix-and-match of Edwardian era fashion and modern boho chic. For this trend, the star of the show is the corset, an iconic statement piece on the red carpet and a popular style among top designers. From Dolce & Gabbana to Jean Paul Gaultier, the comeback of the corset, and its universal appeal, is a result of its waste cinching effects that produce the ultra sexy hourglass silhouette.

Taking a cue from the red carpet, Hayden Panettiere from ‘Nashville’ made a striking impression with an underbust corset worn over a classic button-up shirt. The casual and relaxed fit of a collared top makes a playful contrast to the sleek and slimming effects of an underbust corset, a modified version of the traditional waist-cincher that leaves the bust open.

Another stylish way millennials are incorporating the corset into everyday fashion is by pairing its fancy brocades and satin lace up detailing with a favorite pair of love-worn jeans. This ultra sexy outfit is an elegant and sophisticated way to play up the typical jeans and T-shirt uniform, especially when you combine it with a tailored blazer and luxurious accessories like a clutch and heels in complimentary colors.

The corset has become a must-have piece of the millennial wardrobe because it adds a touch of romantic whimsy to any outfit, thanks to satin details, rhinestone embellishments and decadent lace brocades. These stunning adornments make the corset too beautiful to be hidden underneath clothing, making it the main attraction in the popular underwear-as-outerwear trend. Another popular look on the red carpet is the corset dress, which enhances its tried-and-true waist-cinching effects with the contrast of a ruffled flare skirt, a look that Mila Kunis rocked at the ‘Jupiter Ascending’ premiere.

The versatility of the corset also makes it a fun and flirty piece for the ultimate fashion statement. From rugged, edgy leather and kinky vinyl to classic and romantic lace, the corset serves as a 2-in-1 piece that accentuates and supports the bust, slims the waist, and gives you the freedom to express your unique personal style. Millennial fashion is all about individual expression, which is why the corset is the go-to undergarment for making a lasting impression in the spotlight.

An everyday undergarment in the days of old, the corset is considered a fantasy piece that serves as the main component of classic garter lingerie. When you wear a corset in the boudoir, it sets the mood for thrilling romance. The vampy, retro look instantly takes you and your lover out of the daily routine and into a world where all your fantasies come true.

Whether it’s worn in between the sheets, on the red carpet, or as an everyday outfit, the corset is making its mark on millennium fashion, an era of style where anything goes.