Spice Up Your Halloween Costume | Spicy Lingerie

Posted by Spicy Lingerie on Sep 24th 2019

Spice Up Your Halloween Costume | Spicy Lingerie

From Scary to Sexy: How to Spice Up Your Halloween Costume

If you want to look absolutely 'boo-tiful' this Halloween, try taking these sexy outfits and accessories out for a spin. 

Fantasy Costumes 

Whatever alter ego you want to explore this Halloween, you'll find hundreds of ultra skimpy and sexy versions of every fantasy and fairytale character imaginable. The hardest part is deciding on which persona to go with for your costume party and trick-or-treating adventures. These red-hot sexy fantasy costumes are also excellent for role-playing in the boudoir, giving them a two-in-one excuse for being extra sexy.

If you're in the mood for a swashbuckling good time, get ready to sail the open seas of sexy in a pirate costume that dares to bare your sexiest features. Look for outfits that show off your legs with ultra short hemlines, the perfect style for pairing with thigh high boots with spiked or chunky heels. 

For a sleek and slimming effect, show off a sexy hourglass figure with fantasy costumes designed with a built-in corset. The acrylic boning in the bodice and the underwire bust help support and lift the breasts while also cinching in the waistline. If you’re in the mood to serve and protect this Halloween, get ready to break the laws of attraction in a corset cop costume adorned with a cute and flirty matching tutu.

For a night of girl power in the comic universe, get in touch with your heroic side when you slip into a Wonder Woman costume. The stretchy and lightweight spandex accentuates every sexy curve of your silhouette. 

Another option for a sexy Halloween costume is the Greek goddess outfit, which reveals bare legs with high cut hemlines and layers of sheer chiffon for a floaty, walking-on-air effect. 

This Halloween, you can also choose between a sweet and demure look or a salty and seductive style. If you're feeling particularly naughty, you'll be one sexy devil when you slip into an angel of darkness costume. Look for styles with a sleek and skimpy black bodysuit accented with a silky-soft, sheer cape and black wings. Pair it with fishnet stockings and high heel boots for a costume that looks absolutely devilish from head to toe. 

On the other end of the spectrum is the princess costume, a feminine Halloween style with angelic colors like pink and white. For a sexy hourglass figure, look for a corset built into the bodice, which helps cinch in the waist while matching white stockings and garters complete the look.

For a spooky and sexy night filled with fairy tale fun, get ready to be the sexiest thief in Sherwood Forest when you wear a barely-there Robin Hood costume. Look for the iconic hunter green colored dress with a short hemline and the legendary Robin Hood hat. Some costumes come with matching wrist cuffs and a satchel to hold your stolen treasures. 

If you've got disco fever, get ready to boogie down under the sparkling disco ball in a skin tight catsuit that accentuates all your sexy curves. Look for eye-catching colors like bright purple and vintage details like dramatic bell bottoms and criss-cross halter necklines. For a night of dancing and prancing, pair it with chunky platform heels and a groovy wig to finish the look. 

Some costumes are perfect for getting kinky in the boudoir, like the ultra skimpy update on the classic schoolgirl outfit. To nail this style, look for super short plaid skirts that show off matching thong panties and  a cropped version of the white button up shirt, a sexy excuse to show off a bare torso. Complete the look with white thigh-high stockings and get ready for an education in between the sheets. For those with curvy and voluptuous figures, many of these sexy styles also come in plus sizes.

Couple's Fantasy Costumes

You can also make Halloween extra fun by coordinating a couple's costume with your lover. When you show up to the costume party arm-in-arm, you’ll be able to steal the show with costumes that were made for each other. 

A magical costume pairing is the sexy flapper in a 20s style dress and a gangster in a pinstripe zoot suit and fedora. Tell Mr. Gatsby to warm up the Studebaker because it's time to head to the speakeasy in style. 

If you're in the mood to cause a ruckus, Harley Quinn & The Joker is another fun couple's costume for you and your partner in crime. 

Fantasy Costumes for Groups 

The more the merrier, especially when it comes to coordinating Halloween costumes with a group of friends. If you want to avoid the mutiny, gather your best mates and slip into a pirate's costume. When it comes to pirating, it's all about the booty, so look for outfits with plunging detail on the neckline and short skirts that highlight your bare legs and other curvy assets. Ahoy sexy!

Another fun and creative option for group Halloween costumes is to dress up as the cast of your favorite childhood fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland. With a long list of wild and zany characters, you and your friends can choose from characters like the Mad Hatter, Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, and more. The same concept can be applied to popular blockbuster movies such as Justice League, The Avengers, and Star Wars. 

For a night of martial arts at its sexiest, gather your pals and suit up in sexy Ninja warrior outfits, another option for a group Halloween costume. 

Many of these fantasy costumes are also available in plus sizes, making it easy for those with voluptuous bodies to look and feel ultra sexy this Halloween.

Stockings & Garters 

For a finished look from head to toe, make your sexy Halloween silhouette complete with matching stockings and garters. Whether you travel back in time to ancient Greece as a sexy Spartan warrior or dress as the sexiest flapper in the speakeasy, you can easily find stockings in a matching or coordinating color. 

For Halloween outfits with ultra skimpy hemlines, we recommend knee high stockings held up with garters, which will highlight your sexy upper thighs. Sheer or fishnet style tights also conceal any imperfections by smoothing the skin, creating a flawless effect that also outlines every curve of your frame. 

The wonderful thing about garters and stockings is their versatility; they add instant sex appeal to a long list of different lingerie styles, from the classic corset and bustier to modern bodysuits and strappy halter tops. Wearing stockings underneath your Halloween get-up also allows for a comfortable and snug fit with any type of shoes, such as high heel boots, chunky platforms, or come-hither stilettos. 

Fantastical Footwear & Accessories

A fantasy costume isn't complete without the right kind of footwear. For every costume available, you can easily find a pair of perfectly matching shoes to finish the outfit. After doing a little research on your particular costume, you'll have a better idea of what type of shoe style you're looking for. 

When choosing the best shoes and accessories to wear with your costume, you should look for colors in a similar shade to the accents in the outfit. When you apply this rule to your Halloween costume, it will create an eye-catching silhouette with complementary colors. 

An easy way to add a touch of sex appeal to your Halloween costume is by wearing stockings, which are vailable in an extensive range of colors and styles. The great thing about stockings is that it has the amazing ability to conceal any imperfections while also revealing the shapely outline of your legs. The result is a smooth and sleek silhouette that is flawless from top to bottom. 

This Halloween, get ready to shake your 'boo-ty' in sexy outfits that show off your wild side.