Our Favorite Sexy Halloween Costumes: The Classics

Posted by Spicy Lingerie on Sep 21st 2018

Our Favorite Sexy Halloween Costumes: The Classics

Halloween is the one of time of the year where you get the chance to transform into anybody you want. Whatever your fantasy or alter ego, have fun discovering your sexy and flirty side in the most popular Halloween costumes of all time. When it comes to making heads turn at the haunted house, the classic costumes are always a go-to for getting the party started.


If you want to mend lovesick hearts, a sexy nurse costume is just what the doctor ordered. Raise the blood pressure of your favorite patient with a kinky twist on the traditional hospital uniform. Get checked out in a variety of sultry costumes, including tight-fighting spandex tube dresses, two piece lingerie sets with matching garters, and short, frilly skirts paired with skimpy bikini or halter tops. Show off even more voluptuous curves and go big with the pinup nurse costume with a corset, because looking sexy on Halloween is the perfect prescription for a wild night of fun and thrills.


Suit up in a seductive cop costume and enforce the laws of attraction with body-hugging uniforms and super short hemlines. Choose from an ultra naughty lieutenant outfit with a short skirt and matching top or the deviously decadent vinyl bodysuit with fishnets and a cop hat. Don’t forget the handcuffs for hardened criminals who’ve been extra naughty. Are you ready to get frisked?


This Halloween, go out with guns blazing in a cowgirl outfit that will have all the Wild West outlaws at your feet. Get out your lasso and chaps because sexy cowgirl is the perfect costume for showing off your sassy sharp-shooting side. Complete the look with tan leather lingerie, including a corset, matching bra and panties, and lots of fringe benefits. Add a few must-have accessories like a gun holster, bandana, and sheriff badge and get ready to giddy up, cowboy!


A sexy pirate costume is the perfect Halloween ensemble for getting into mischief in the pumpkin patch. When it’s time to walk the plank, look like a ravishing buccaneer in swashbuckling getups featuring body-hugging tops and tight pants. Other styles show off more skin, like skimpy spandex rompers and short, ruffled skirts. Many costumes include essential accessories such as striped bandanas, vintage style waist-cinchers, and fishnet stockings. Shiver me timbers!


Ship ahoy, matey! If sailing on the open sea is more your style, a sailor costume is a very “naughti-cal” choice, especially with an ultra short skirt and navy blue colors paired with red accents. The sexy sailor outfit comes in a variety of styles, from the pinup girl corset to short and flirty ruffles and skimpy leotards. Be a sexy seafaring mate and pair it with adorable accouterments like a cute sailor hat, red gloves, and matching heels. Anchors away!

When the ghouls and goblins come out to play, look your sexiest in traditional Halloween costumes with a sultry twist. Trick or treat, sexy!