Newest Lingerie Trends to Spice Up Quarantine

Posted by Spicy Lingerie on Jan 26th 2021

Newest Lingerie Trends to Spice Up Quarantine

Self isolating with your loved one can be challenging during these unprecedented times, but when you spice things up in your love life, get ready for some steamy 'quaran-teaming' together. For inspiration on the best quarantine essentials for you and your partner, here are some ideas from our favorite sex and relationship experts:

 Sexy Accessories

One way to spice things up in the bedroom is with fake nipples. According to Molly, founder of Just Nips, "Fake nipples will make you look cold and feel hot!" They also add a sexy touch to your silhouette, making them part of your fun quarantine essentials. "Our nipple adhesives are touted by sex therapists as a fun and inexpensive way to spice it up around the bedroom as they provide just the right amount of sexy to any outfit." 

Sexy Scenarios in the Shower 

Keeping things spicy during quarantine is especially difficult if you have kids at home. You might get in each other's way, which is why clinical sexologist and certified sex coach Dr. Stacy Friedman advises finding privacy in the bathroom. "A fun way to connect with your partner during these times is to shower together and have some fun. Wash each other's hair, size up each other's bodies, and even use soap to draw on each other's body parts and try to guess what the other person is writing." Every correct answer gets a kiss or another sexy favor. 

Wear Red 

When it comes to sexiness, red is the most passionate and seductive shade, which is why we've included it in our checklist for relationship essentials during quarantine

Karin Sun, sleep industry expert and founder of Crane & Canopy points out how red makes men feel more attracted towards women. She recommends only wearing it to bed as a sexy outfit but not as sleepwear. As she explains, "Wear red to bed, just don't sleep in it... As it's not a soothing color for night time." 

Dress Up for Dinner 

Another way to set the stage for a romantic evening is by dressing up for dinner. Brad Robinson, couples therapist and podcaster of Healing Broken Trust, recommends a sexy and elegant outfit as part of the game of seduction. "Put on your quarantine best to dine will be fun to take off later."

Get Adventurous in the Bedroom

With so much time together, quarantining can have a silver lining if you concentrate on keeping things sexy. Daniel Sher, owner of Between Us Clinic, encourages couples to experiment with 'sexploration’ to help navigate through periods of boredom. "Overtime, sex can become somewhat monotonous, especially if you're doing it at the same time and in the same way. You can most certainly spice up your sex life if you're willing to explore." 

He recommends switching up the routine: "Try doing it at different times of the day and in different places. Deviate outward from the traditional missionary after dinner in your bed. How about having passionate sex in the kitchen after breakfast?" 

Change the Scenery 

Being stuck in the same place can also get old and uninspiring after a while. One way to beat the boredom is by revamping the scenery, both with personal grooming and home decor. As Katie Dames, relationship expert and sex specialist tells her clients, "Make it more romantic by lighting some candles and covering the furniture so that the room will smell and look different. This change of scenery will help to bring new and exciting feelings back to the relationship."

Keep Things Spicy With Massage

Dames also tells couples to try and embrace massaging techniques: "A sensual way of keeping things spicy after you redecorate yourself and your room is a massage. Coconut oil or coconut based massage oil is a fantastic way to get you and your partner in a new frame of mind." It also prevents you from feeling like your relationship is stuck in a rut. 

Get to Know Your Partner

If you're looking for a more comprehensive and advanced way to connect with your partner and understand their needs, an intimacy questionnaire is the perfect solution. Derek Newton, owner of Simpatic, starts by sending each person an intimacy questionnaire. "It has about 175 questions and some 800 individual activities that someone may want to try, or do it again. They range from mild (like flirting) to very exotic (like role-play, group, and public play)."

Then, each person's private answers are matched and the couple is sent a report showing only the things they want to do together. According to Newton, this technique allows for more open and loving communication. "...No embarrassment. No judgment. No fear of rejection. We let couples get right to the spice without the awkward or even harmful conversations...We've helped more than 10,000 couples so far and have been featured in Playboy, Cosmo, Men's Health, and others." 

Adult Games 

Sexual relationship and sex toy expert Angela Rosario from Too Timid likes to focus on the silver lining to quarantining, which involves spending an increased amount of quality time with your special someone. "If you're enjoying a little extra time in the bedroom, there are so many ways you can make your play even more pleasurable. Experimenting with massage oils enhances sexy time for many couples." 

Other games involve adult toys that increase stimulation for both partners. "For people with vaginas, dual stimulation vibes can ramp up pleasure for more intense orgasms. Some are even designed to be worn during intercourse…"

Adult board games can be another fun way to get in the mood. "Whether you want some guidance and testing out BDSM or you just want to get a little wilder, there are board games that can meet your needs. Indulge in a game or two to push both of you out of your comfort zone and make some memories you'll never forget!"

One especially fun game is the monogamy couples board game, which features passionate and intimate cards, as well as steamy and fantasy cards, to initiate stimulating and sexy conversations.

During these challenging times, make quarantining with your loved ones a memorable event when you try out these tried-and-true, expert-recommended strategies for spicing things up in the boudoir. 

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