How to Fulfill the Top 13 Fantasies

Posted by Spicy Lingerie on Jun 1st 2022

How to Fulfill the Top 13 Fantasies

How to Fulfill the Top 13 Fantasies -

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A playful way to spice up your love life is with role-playing fantasies that take you and your lover to a world of mind-blowing pleasure and passion. In a racy twist on classic uniforms and costumes, get ready to make all your wildest dreams come true.

1.The Perky Cheerleader-

For those who had their peak experiences with intimacy in high school, prepare for a sexy semester when you and your lover act out the fun and flirty cheerleader fantasy where the prom queen cheers on the impossibly attractive star quarterback. Get ready for heavy petting in the locker room or making out behind the bleachers after the game.

Grab your pom poms and head to the stadium for a pep rally because it’s time to go back to high school. In this popular fantasy, you’re the young and innocent girl next door, so put on your game face and play the part. A sexy way to get into character is with a super short skirt and barely there panties. Pair it with knee high socks, a jersey, and varsity jacket to add a few more layers of prep school fashion.

Start with necking in the car at the lookout point, but make sure you get back by curfew. Another way to set the mood is to ask them to help with your homework. You might be flunking Algebra, but you’ll get an A+ in the love department, especially if you slip into their oversized jersey and leaving nothing on underneath.

Heighten the anticipation even more by adding another layer of luxuriousness with a matching garter set or ravishing teddy. The shimmery satin or lace combined with varsity cool is a playful contrast that is sure to get you into the end zone. You’ll also score big points for your role-playing skills if you can do a splint in a mini pleated skirt while cheering on the team.

2. Santa’s Sexy Helper -

This holiday season, make your lover’s jingle bells rock in an irresistible Santa Claus costume. With a frilly skirt made of luxurious red velvet and paired with the iconic black belt, always stay warm when the weather gets chilly. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, give your lover a bit of both when you slip into an ultra provocative Santa themed costume that shows off all your sexy assets.

Set the mood with cookies and milk by the fireplace and wait for Santa to come down your chimney while you seductively suck on a candy cane. If Santa has been nice this year, give them anything his heart desires.

Another variation on this holiday theme is a sexy green elf costume. If your work as an elf has been subpar, it might be time to head to Santa’s office to get disciplined. At this point, you’re willing to do anything to keep your job at the North Pole, even if it means testing all of Santa’s adult toys. Ho ho ho! Merry xxxmas!

3. The Cowgirl Vixen -

Strap on your spurs, put on leather fringe, and saddle up for a wild ride full of passion and pleasure. In this cowgirl fantasy, get ready for the rodeo in leather chaps and a cowboy hat paired with short, flirty skirts and gun holsters. Armed with sexy cowboy regalia, head to the barn and lasso your lover with a fun and rustic costume that puts you both in the mood for a Western style romance.

The best place to begin this barnyard romance is at the saloon. Start the game of seduction with a fun game of strip poker. After you’re done showing her all the cards up your sleeve at the poker table, it’s time to go out with guns blazing. Giddy up cowboy!

4. The Naughty Nurse -

According to sexperts, role-playing is an exciting way to spice things up in the bedroom because it always involves a complex or simple relationship of dominance and submission. In the case of the nurse and patient, it might be time to mend a lovesick heart, which means that a sexy uniform is an essential part of this naughty nurse fantasy. Before the patient arrives with a major case of heartache, be prepared with an ultra seductive twist on the classic white smock with red trim. Throw in a nurse hat, thermometer, and fishnet stockings in a complimentary color, and nurse your lovesick patient back to health.

A fun way to start this heart-mending fantasy is by telling your lover that they need a check up and to kindly take off their clothes. After giving them a thorough physical, slip off your sexy nurse uniform to reveal lacey panties underneath an impossibly short skirt. When it comes to fantasies, experts say it’s all about heightening the anticipation and with each layer of costume to take off, the more exciting the scene.

5. The Frisky Cop and Jailhouse Hunk-

The frisky cop and jailhouse hunk is another fantasy that involves a power struggle of dominance and submission. This is also a fun role-playing game for couples that love the thrill of being tied up and not in control. Whether you’re the cop or criminal, choose a uniform made with skin-tight fabric and a plunging neckline. It also helps to wear ultra short skirts that show a glimpse of matching garters and lacey panties underneath.

If your lover has broken the laws of attraction, it’s time for them to be frisked. Once your lover has been declared armed and dangerously sexy, get out the handcuffs and let the game of seduction begin. The thrill and excitement of not knowing what will happen next is sure to drive your lover wild. So strap in, lock the door, and throw away the key to your heart.

6. The Exotic Strip Tease -

This is an ultra erotic fantasy for couples since almost everybody loves a seductive strip tease with a sexy stripper. When it comes to heightening the anticipation for your lover, it’s all about delicate, slinky layers of fantasy lingerie. Like many games of seduction, the exotic strip tease involves a provocative peeling off luscious and sleek layers of intimate apparel. The first layer starts with a decadent lace or satin bra and panties paired with a marching garter and stockings that accentuate your irresistible legsThgis.

Pick out your favorite song and start showing off all your sexy dance moves in the hottest pieces of lingerie. To keep your lover in full attention, tease them with a feather boa that barely covers your voluptuous cleavage. The strip tease is all about the build-up, so make your lover work for your affection during the lap dance. For inspiration on lap dances, study the latest hip-hop videos, a treasure trove of bootylicious dance moves.

7. The Sexy Soldier -

A voluptuous seductress in uniform is another exciting fantasy that involves a powerful lover in command of your attention. Show off sexy legs with dangerously short hemlines and don’t forget to include naughty accouterment like fake bullets and a gun holster for your epic battle in the boudoir. Whether you’re top gun or a low-ranking soldier, stand at attention because the sergeant has arrived to shake things up at the base. Roger that.

If you’re an army brat in the bedroom, get ready for your sexy salute in between the sheets. Prepare yourself for booty camp and go commando in camouflage costumes adorned with military regalia and sexy details like tight-fitting silhouettes, low-scooped necklines, and short skirts. Standby for take off!

8. Sexy School Girl -

Another thing that sets the mood is the iconic sexy schoolgirl uniform. Choose an ultra sexy variation of short red plaid skirts, knee high stockings, and a skimpy, body-hugging white top. Throw in suspenders and glasses and get ready to be the teacher’s pet.

After the bell rings and class is dismissed, ask your teacher if they can help you with your homework. Remember to have a Blowpop in your mouth and pigtails for a dash of flirtatious innocence. Tell your homeroom teacher that the room is too hot and ask if you can take off your sweater. Once the first layer is off and your sexy décolletage is busting out from a lacey push up bra, it’s the perfect moment to channel your inner sex kitten. Ask before removing any more clothing and get ready for detention in the class of Love 101. In the innocent schoolgirl fantasy, it’s time to talk nerdy, baby.

9. French Maid -

Living out a sexy fantasy is all part of the bedroom fun, especially when it whisks you and your lover away to a dream world that exists in another dimension. The French maid fantasy comes from the influence of the Parisian Can-Can dancers. In the American burlesque scene of the 19th century, it was common to see a gorgeous French housekeeper in a scantily clad outfit, which was a more revealing version of the standard French maid uniform. This risqué trend on the theatre circuit became legendary over the years and came to be known as a popular role-playing game because it symbolizes the power hierarchy of an aristocratic household.

Armed with a duster and a short, frilly skirt, show off your sexy panties underneath when you start vacuuming and dusting on your hands and knees. Following in the tradition of the legendary burlesque dancers, it also helps to act clueless and dim-witted. That way, your lover can easily take advantage of you in compromising situations in all the rooms of the house. Ooh, la, la! Comment scandaleux!

10. Sexy Secretary -

Another popular fantasy is hooking up with the boss, especially at the office. The key to this sexy scenario starts with the outfit. Head to the cubicle and command attention in an ultra short skirt and blazer paired with a sinful matching bra and panties set. Want a promotion in the love department? Add garters, fishnet stockings, and heels and be the sexiest employee of the month.

Initiate the fantasy by sending a memo that appeals to your lover’s romantic and daring side. When they get your naughty message, be prepared to make a mess of your new desk set because nothing gets in the way of passion behind closed doors. In this sinful fantasy, black is a power color for major players and when it comes to swimming with business sharks, the sexy secretary knows how to move around the copy machine.

Wearing a seductive pantsuit, send another memo to your boss and let them know you’re available for a secret meeting after business hours. Be the sexy and eager-to-please intern with a short black skirt and matching fishnet stockings to highlight gorgeous legs and excellent attention to detail. Your lover will also appreciate your ability to multi-task in the lovemaking department. Don’t worry about taking off your garters, especially if you’re in the mood for a quickie on your coffee break. Even better, take your lover’s breath away with crotchless panties and open bust corsets worn beneath a sophisticated blazer or trench coat.

Make it even more flirtatious with a matching fedora and suspenders or play up your tough side with a tie and trousers. Either way, make sure the blinds are closed during your naughty conference call.

11. Sinful Schoolteacher or Professor -

Prepare for lots of naughty behavior after class when you slip into a sexy schoolteacher outfit. All you need is a sinfully short skirt, a body-hugging top, and nerdy glasses for some afterschool action.

Very similar to the sexy librarian, this fantasy typically happens in detention but things could also heat up in the hallway, behind the bleachers, or in the principal’s office if you need any disciplinary action. You might be flunking History but you’ll get on the honor roll for sexiness with this fun and flirty fantasy.

Suited up in pinstripes, the office shark look is big turn on for lovers who like powerful women in the classroom. This semester, fall in love all over again with a bedroom fantasy that takes you back to college. In between waxing philosophical in between classes, slip into a sexy power suit, throw on some heels, and take your lover by surprise in a sexy academic outfit.

For this fantasy, it’s time to head to the library but not to cram for midterms. Get ready for a study in passion and pleasure when you play out the naughty fantasy of getting xxxtra credit from your hot professor.

12. The Naughty Pirate -

Ship ahoy matey! If you’re feeling xxxtra nautical, prepare yourself for some passionate swashbuckling in the boudoir. Make sure you’re prepared to set sail on the open seas with your first mate by stockpiling some basics. Start with a buccaneer style top featuring a low neckline that shows off lovely décolletage. Shiver me timbers!

This fantasy is another fun xxxscapade for couples who want to spice up their love life with role-playing excitement. The thrill comes from the naughty game of walking the plank in the name of love. With your hands tied, it’s your turn to call munity and drop anchor in your heart.

The three musketeers theme is also a exciting excuse for a threesome in the bedroom. Set the scene with sexy pirate costumes and witness your wildest fantasy play out in between the sheets. For a group of sexy swashbucklers, the pleasure happens on the deck in complimentary costumes that instantly send you into a dream world of your own making. With this many sinful pirates aboard the ship, it’s time sail on the open seas of pleasure and desire. Slip on a sexy costume and get ready for a night of nautical adventures in the bedroom. Aye, aye Captain Sexy!

13. Genie in a Bottle -

The genie in a bottle has always been a seductive image. Christina Aguilera became an instant sensation when she sang about it in provocative, booty-shaking music video. In this fantasy, you have to rub this sultry sex goddess the right way. Similar to a classic strip tease, this fantasy centers on the mysterious seductress hiding behind slinky layers of sheer fabric.

The steamy scene begins with luscious legs peeking out from behind a beaded curtain while dreamy sitar music plays in the background. Like a scene from an erotic thriller starring yours truly, tantalize your lover with a sensual and provocative belly dance that involves seductive dance moves and other naughty behavior. Get ready to rock the casbah in a genie costume adorned with dazzling gold trim and a skimpy top that shows off your ravishing midriff. For even more mystery and intrigue, wear a mask and make your lover work xxxtra hard to take off all your sumptuous and spicy layers.

Just like the movie set of an erotic thriller, get your lover in the mood with a decadent and luxurious room adorned with plush velvet, peacock feathers, scented candles, and other exotic treasures from faraway lands.

Slip on a sexy costume and play out your wildest fantasies in the boudoir.