How to Bring 50 Shades of Sexy to The Boudoir

Posted by Spicy Lingerie on Jun 1st 2022

How to Bring 50 Shades of Sexy to The Boudoir

If you’re feeling extra frisky this evening, take a cue from the erotica thriller Fifty Shades of Grey. Discover your kinky side with Spicy Lingerie. Read more!


Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to excitement and thrills in the boudoir. If you’re feeling extra frisky this evening, take a cue from the erotica thriller Fifty Shades of Grey, the best selling phenomenon based on the books by E.L James, and be prepared for a night of mind-blowing passion and lust. Armed with a collection of fantasy lingerie, discover the kinky world of BDSM and unleash your wild side with fetishes that are sure to drive your lover wild.

What is a fetish?

According to sexperts, a fetish is a broad term that refers to many types of sexual fixations that occur outside of what is considered normal sexual activity. This includes an obsession with high heels, nongential body parts, and lingerie. When both partners are understanding and open to adding a bit of kink to their sexual repertoire, the opportunities are seemingly endless for new thrills in the between the sheets.

In Fifty Shades of Grey, erotica author E.L. James helped usher in the BDSM lifestyle to the mainstream. The acronym stands for Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism. Because of the element of violence, especially towards women, BDSM has received its share of negative press by women advocacy groups who openly denounce the popular erotica franchise. While the BDSM lifestyle isn’t for everyone, it can be an exciting way to spice up your love life. In fact, a 2013 study found that couples involved in some type of BDSM report longer-lasting relationships, a more satisfying sex life, and a healthier mental state. So slip into a sexy fantasy outfit and strap in for a wild ride filled with mind-blowing ecstasies inspired by the hit erotica thriller.


This fetish involves a power dynamic of dominance and submission where one partner takes control while the other submits to their every desire. Taking inspiration from Fifty Shades of Grey, spice things up in the bedroom with a thrilling tie-me-up/tie-me-down scenario. The bondage fetish heightens the anticipation and excitement even more because of the element of surprise and the submissive not knowing their lover’s next move.

First, set the mood by slipping into a kinky fetish outfit made with decadent vinyl or sheer mesh. Another provocative look is the bustier with strappy detailing or an open bust teddy that shows off ravishing décolletage. The lace-up corset is another provocative style to include in your collection of naughty accouterment. Made with decadent black leather, this classic style of lingerie supports the breasts with acrylic boning while accentuating sexy cleavage. Adding fantasy lingerie to this ultra sexy bedroom situation is essential because it instantly takes you and your lover out of the everyday and into a fantasy world where anything is possible.

In the world of BDSM, there are two types of bondage, including the soft kind, which is recommended for beginners. In this fetish, one possible scenario involves the dominant partner tying up their submissive lover with a satin sash and then tantalizing them to the breaking point with a feather tickler. A seductive way to spice up this fetish is with a leather negligee designed with strappy detailing, which gives your lover a glimpse of sumptuous bare skin.

After a few rounds of dominant and submissive foreplay with restraints and feathers, take things up a notch with that sexperts call “hard bondage.” With any fetish, it all starts with a vampy outfit made of leather, which is perfect for bringing out your inner dominatrix. Slipping into an ultra sexy and kinky lingerie ensemble is perfect for a night of sinful pleasures, especially when the naughty teddy and garters finally come off. Relive the passion and lust between Anastasia and Christian by ramping things up with the submissive hanging from the ceiling in rope restraints. As the dominant begins to undress their lover, the excitement will continue to build with each touch. In this fantasy, intensify the passion even more by incorporating the thrilling contrast of soft, sensual caresses and rough intensity.

The Dominatrix

In Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to the erotica franchise, we finally meet the notorious Elena Lincoln (Michelle Pfeiffer), Christian’s former lover who introduced him to the BDSM lifestyle. Called Mrs. Robinson by Anastasia because of the age difference, Elena was his dominatrix, which refers to the dominant woman in a top/bottom relationship. In this arrangement, the submissive male or female is under complete control of the mistress and must do everything she asks, including sexual activities. If the submissive fails to perform or disobeys the dominatrix, they might be punished to varying degrees.

Like many fetishes, fantasy lingerie is a key ingredient for this erotic scenario. A classic dominatrix ensemble is the black corset made with faux leather and paired with matching garters and a sexy thong. Little details like fishnet stockings, a choker necklace, and stiletto heels also add a kinky touch for the ultimate vampy bedroom outfit. Naughty accouterments are also in order for this wild game of seduction. These include leather whips, ropes and sashes for bondage, and blindfolds. Another must-have for this fetish is handcuffs, which are perfect for creating excitement in the boudoir with the power dynamic of dominant and submissive lovers. Another essential outfit for the Dominatrix’s intimate apparel drawer is the open bust teddy. Choose a design with sheer mesh and strappy detailing for a night full of sinful pleasures.


A sexy way to get in the mood for this sinful fetish is with a collection of fantasy lingerie classics, such as a skimpy, barely-there bra and panty set, a fun and flirty way to show your lover that you’ve been extra naughty and need a little spanking. If the submissive lover wants more or less, all it takes is a simple yes or no. But either way, the power dynamic excites each partner when the dominant is in complete control. A little bit of spanking is a sexy way to spice things up in between the sheets. For masochists, spanking adds an element of excitement to lovemaking that comes from their desire for pain and its culmination into pleasure in this dark and twisted game of seduction.

Master -Slave

In this fantasy, the submissive partner submits to every whim of their dominant lover. While the dominant has their way with the other partner, the submissive has the naughty opportunity to explore their sexuality and push the boundaries of sexual desire. This fetish also involves blindfolds and restraints. Channeling Christian Grey, a thrilling scenario involves the dominant tying up their lover to the bedpost and covering their eyes with a blindfold. Then, the dominant takes off their lover’s clothing and drives them wild with an ice cube that is slowly caressed across bare skin. Following in the footsteps of Christian and Anastasia, excite your lover by re-enacting scenes from the hit erotic thriller. If the sex slave bites their lip, that’s a definitive sign that they’re turned on by the delicate dance of seduction that involves complete control and surrender in the boudoir.

With this fetish, the submissive might also be required to call their dominant lover ‘sir’ while submitting to their every sexual desire and whim. What makes this fantasy exciting for the submissive is the thrill of not knowing what the dominant is going to do next, whether it’s a soft caress or a bit of spanking. Add a dangerously sexy arsenal of leather lingerie to your intimate apparel drawer and make this fantasy the ultimate experience in high octane sexy.


In the world of BDSM, this category is one of the most popular fetishes, especially among married couples. In this arrangement, both partners take turns being dominant and submissive, depending on their sexual preferences of the moment. A fun way to spice up this fetish is with a kinky collection of fantasy lingerie, such as skimpy negligees with ultra naughty strap detailing, crotchless panties, and open bust bras.

Loss of Innocence

Just like the sexy scene in the movie where Christian takes Anastasia’s virginity, this fetish focuses on the thrill of someone losing their innocence and submitting to their lover’s deep desire to be whisked away to the bedroom while surrendering completely. This fantasy calls for lingerie designed with classic details like lace trim and shimmery satin. Add a dash of naughtiness to the outfit with a leather babydoll, a negligee that combines a romantic and feminine silhouette with edgy, come-hither leather.

In Fifty Shades Darker, we discover the backstory of Christian Grey and his life-changing experience with his own loss of innocence. Portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer, Elena Lincoln was the older woman who stole his virginity and also introduced him to the BDSM lifestyle. Ruefully called Mrs. Robinson by Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), she dusts off her satin and lace couture for a dramatic entrance at the Masquerade Ball and another chance to steal away her favorite lover from her past. Stunning and detailed accouterment such as masks are essential to this fantasy because gives you and your lover the element of intrigue and mystery. The icing on the cake is lingerie, which adds another layer of sexiness for your lover to take off. Each layer of luxurious fabric has the potential to push each lover to the brink as innocence is lost and new sexual experiences are explored in between the sheets.


In Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to the erotic thriller franchise, Christian Grey continues to struggle with dark inner demons in the boudoir. As his love affair with Anastasia Steele intensifies, he struggles with the temptation to explore his sexual desires with lovers from his past. In the world of kinky fantasies, this scenario is referred to as polyamory, a popular fetish that involves sinful ‘sexcapades’ with more than one lover. Keep in mind that this fetish isn’t the same as promiscuity, which involves sexual activities with multiple partners in a short-term, non-monogamous situation. In contrast, polyamory typically involves a man or woman who engage in sexual activities with two or more lovers but in a long-term arrangement.

A common type of polyamorous behavior is called “couple-swapping,” a practice that entered the mainstream after World War II thanks to men in the air force who would share wives with their friends. Today, many couples have an “open marriage” or “open relationship” arrangement, which allows freedom between partners to have additional lovers outside the relationship. One kinky arrangement is known as the “polyamorous family,” a fetish where the couple swapping happens in the same household and the husbands and wives are shared among each other. This situation usually involves elements of the BDSM lifestyle.

Called the “Bull-Cuckold-Hotwife,” this fantasy has been rated by sex researchers as the fasted growing alternative sexual arrangement in the U.S. One possible reason for this phenomenon is because it allows both partners to fulfill all their sexual desires. In other words, they can have their cake and eat it too. In this erotic scenario, the “hotwife” is the woman involved in a long-term relationship with her “cuckold,” who is only permitted to perform sexual activities when she allows it. Meanwhile, the “hotwife” has the freedom to sleep with “bulls,” which are dominant partners outside the relationship.

When it comes to the world of fetishes and the BDSM lifestyle, there are endless opportunities for exploring all your sexual desires. And because fetishes often involve erotic fixations on inanimate objects like lingerie or heels, a collection of kinky undergarments is essential if you and your partner are interested in adding elements of BDSM to your bedroom activities. Slip into something ultra sexy and kinky, the perfect way to get you and your lover in the mood for naughty adventures in the boudoir. For consenting adults ready for sexy exploits, get ready for a night of mind-blowing exhilaration.