Lingerie Care & Instruction

Wash Care Instructions

You've got your sexy pieces from spicy lingerie and we want to provide you as much as information as possible to care and wash Your lingerie pieces, now you want to take good care of it and keep your intimates in great condition. Please follow instructions carefully.


  • Ideally your bra ought to be washed every day by hand to remove body oils, preserve colors, shape and elasticity, and extend the life of your undergarments
  • Bust N Lace recommends hand washing all of your lingerie in luke warm water using a good quality mild laundry soaps
  • Machine washing underwired garments may shrink the fabric, distort the bra and cause the wires to push through the fabric
  • However it's all right to wash your lingerie in lingerie wash bag under delicate cycle using cold water in the washing machine
  • Cool water helps keep white fabrics from going gray and keeps colors from fading
  • Hot water can damage delicate fabrics such as lace, embroidery, elastics and bindings
  • Wash dark, light and colored fabrics separately
  • Wash the garment in a soap that contains an essential oil known to deter pests, such as eucalyptus, lavender or cedar
  • Most delicate fibers can simply be cleaned at home. Silk, wool, cashmere, embellished garments, rayon and delicate laces can all be easily laundered
  • It is smart to test the fiber and new soap on a swatch or seam first
  • Soak the entire garment while using the no rinse soap, since pre-spotting agents can cause dyes to run
  • Wash your hosiery separately as bra hooks and fastenings can catch


  • DO NOT put bras or other delicates in a dryer!
  • The heat is devastating to delicate fibers
  • After washing squeeze the water out of your garment and then roll it in a clean dry towel to remove excess moisture or spin the water out in your washing machine
  • Let it hang to air-dry or lay flat to dry on a drying rack or dry towel. Block it first. Blocking means simply shaping the fabric back into its original shape
  • Allow to dry away from direct sunlight or heat


  • To prevent the wire comes out of your bra treat your lingerie with care. Hand wash or use the lingerie bag for machine wash
  • Keep the wires! Your bra would be useless without them. The wires can easily be reinserted and ends re-stitched to prevent the wires from coming out again.

Fabric Softeners DON'T use!

  • May contain bleach, whiteners or brighteners which might affect change in colors
  • It can make the dye run or add a waxy finish to the fibers
  • It breaks down lycra and degrades the garment


  • Ensure your iron is clean
  • Silk - iron on the silk setting while the garment is still very damp
  • For delicate fabrics use the proper setting on your iron and with a pressing cloth, iron on the inside of the fabric
  • Follow directions on garments labels

Leather Care

  • Store your leather garment in a well ventilated area out of the garment bag
  • Allow a wet or damp garment to air dry away from any heat source
  • Remove small stains as soon as possible with a cleaner like saddle soap
  • Polish with a good quality leather polish
  • Use professional drycleaners for more serious stains

Vinyl Care

  • It is recommended that Vinyl garments be stored in a garment bag away from other clothing
  • Hand wash in warm water with a small amount of liquid detergent
  • Wash both the inside and outside of the garment, rinse thoroughly in cool water
  • Hang to dry inside out then turn to let Vinyl side dry
  • Polishing can be done with small amounts of silicone spray
  • Different colors of Vinyl should be washed and stored separately as dark colors can bleed onto lighter ones.